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"Street racers arrested" - not racing.

10/25/2021 17:57
See the video, compare what you see to the comments by the "news". Retarded reporters, retarded viewers.
10/26/2021 08:59
Terrible. Just terrible. Bet they were playing g that jungle music with the voodoo drums!
10/26/2021 09:05
Doubt that impound sticks. Illegal operation of motor vehicle on a public street affected one car. If government had zero clue, they would authorize former military hard surfaces to be legal use hangouts for the street tuners and drifters. If I drive my 4 wheel toy in the desert and fly over dunes, it is not illegal. Urban kids don't have a desert to play in. Urban kids work hard to afford toys, and I don't buy it is all illicit money. Hard working focused kids financing toys produce hard working adults who make good parents.
10/29/2021 09:14
Fake news about street racing. Fake bills in Congress....at least a deleted bill that's supposed to be discussed. Kinda like they used to "pass the bill TO SEE WHAT'S IN IT". Kommunism, via Democrats.
10/31/2021 12:55
"Urban kids work hard to afford toys." Some do, some don't. Don't miss the point that the "news" was bogus, a lie, spreading "misinformation". Donuts in a parking lot is not street racing.
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