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Stay strong Canada!

02/15/2022 13:11
This proves the Communists in charge need to change. Hang tight!
02/15/2022 13:14
Bias is STRONG in Canada, like in the USofA.
02/16/2022 15:53
Wow, bias and logical fallacies on MSNBC? More lies like Maddow spread about Covid?
02/18/2022 12:39
"You gotta film over there....you're under arrest." Wake up Canada!
02/21/2022 10:38
When the "good guys" cover their faces and remove their name badges.....they're probably not the good guys.
02/22/2022 16:59
Wow. A "liberal" who's a communist, whodathunkit?
03/01/2022 09:07
03/01/2022 23:01
Trudeau is DUMB. China is not going green, not even making a solid effort. They have only agreed to lessen the quantity of new coal fired power plants. If you saw the Olympics, the skiing was filmed in front of two massive cooling towers. Manufacturing ice crap that causes about 40% of your world's collective best skiers to crash and burn on the crusty unskiable crap, by consuming massive coal produced electrucity in those nuclear resembling cooling towers that created the ice water snow IS NOT GOING GREEN. China is always lying, they are incapable of truth. Their entire model of success is ripping off others creative blood stream. F CHINA. The only skillset they have mastered is espionage.
03/18/2022 17:24
Trudeau is not dumb. He's a communist/socialist. Look at his power grab and hypocrisy. Look at some Russell Brand videos about Trudeau. And about media bias while you're there.
03/24/2022 22:48
Trudeau.....wow, a woman gave him a lesson.
05/31/2022 16:23
My condolences, Canada.
06/01/2022 10:25
06/01/2022 23:42
wonder how Americans can visit for bear hunts? You can not bring a gun into Canada for your wilderness protection, and they have some pretty mean animals in their wilderness. It is funny that not even the National Park rangers are allowed to carry a firearm. Strictly forbidden. Only the RCMP can have firearms. I may be way off, but 1.1 million hardly seems like a lot of firearms. 2.89 percent of the population. Pretty small. What do you think we have in the U.S.? How many of them are large capacity magazines, say the AR 15 and the similar class of guns you can easily modify. Our Governator thinks we need AR15's to murder bambi. Why? Who really wants to pick shells out of their venison? And how do you spray 15 or 30 rounds at a deer and not hit your hunting partner, aka Dick Cheney style. I already distrust my hunting people I walk a pheasant line with. Mostly because they are barely steady on their feet, let alone on a quick swing of the barrel toward me when a bird pops up. Made me stay away from team hunting altogether.
06/02/2022 09:27
Firstlast said " Our Governator thinks we need AR15's to murder bambi." Got proof of that statement? Still confused over the term murder? Animals can NOT be murdered. Babies are...you call it abortion.
06/03/2022 10:42
Why does President Brandon give US arms to Ukraine, but wants to take away guns from law abiding US citizens? Logic > leftists.
06/03/2022 14:49
06/03/2022 14:54
why? Because Putin and his advisors say they will QUIT when they cannot go any further. It's pretty much what Adolf Hitler said. The modus operandi is right out of Nazi war book. We let Ukranians sacrifice to defend their native lands they have held for so many centuries, or Russia continues to run its war machine off oil from Europe and Asia sales, and advance through the 3 balkan states (1 they already have a presence), then Poland, and Morovia the tiny spot between Russia and Ukraine, and likely continue through the north of the Black Sea countries such as Ubezkistan, Afghanistan. If you look into those last two, they offered weapons and support to Ukraine. Living so close, they don't want the frickin rouskies on their land again. We halt Putin and drive him and his cancer into the grave and get a regime change, or we don't have a free world - not anywhere. It really is that dire. I hope the idiots in Washington who are mouthing off about how we are strategizing cyber attacks and feeding that intel to Biden would shut the F up. We don't need that kind of information floating around, period. Someone has had no military strategic training whatsoever.
06/03/2022 15:04
There are other worthwhile pieces showing somewhere between 30 and 50 schools have seen shooter incidents. It's some 3 pages of triple column to scroll, so I did not take the time to count. It's a little exhausting to contemplate just how bad a problem we really have here. I am glad I don't have kids in school. The bible church I was involved with in college days a long time back may have morphed into the super church (one of a chain of super churches that are non denominational that sprang out of a University fellowship project some decades back). Two females died in the parking lot from a shooting last night, from my college town.
06/03/2022 15:09
why do you think a people are safer having guns? Do you study history. Did you know why women forced legislation to de-gun the wild west? Do you know you cannot homestead and keep a woman and children alive when you live by the gun, die by the gun?
06/03/2022 15:56
ask yourself, where does Russia attack strategically, to take out the US military offenses that will engage them in NATO attack (Poland for example)? You are 83 miles from a chief target. Do you think you will escape the affects from that nuke?
06/03/2022 22:02
You need to focus. WHY DO YOU LIE so MUCH? Firstlast said " Our Governator thinks we need AR15's to murder bambi." Got proof of that statement? Still confused over the term murder? Animals can NOT be murdered. Babies are...you call it abortion.
06/03/2022 22:03
You are a LIAR who ridicules Trump's "thousands of lies". WHY do you lie??
06/10/2022 11:57
My condolences, Canadians.
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