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GM inside culture

01/05/2019 05:07
how GM went bust, told by one of their engineers. Interesting short read summary. Helps one understand Flint Michigan's problems.
01/10/2019 12:24
From the article: "During that time, he witnessed what he calls a culture of resistance and failure – resistance to life saving auto safety and pollution control regulations that caused the automaker to fail in the marketplace."
01/10/2019 12:26
From my perspective as both an owner of GM and other makes, and my career of auto repair, I'd say the failure of GM was most likely due to building an inferior product.
01/11/2019 22:15
In the mid 70s, my Aunt and all her family got into early Japan built Honda Accords. Then my Mom converted. She had driven 75 Chevelle from new. Then my Dad. Soon a boither, another Chevelle die hard. Couldn't beat Honda for no service headaches. One day, full load on highway, me in back, he wound up that dquirtel motor gorca pass, had it doing 4000 or 5000 rpm for minutes. I was just waiting for it to blow, which it soon did. My brother shopped a 80 Celica, and I yold him to get the Cutlass. He ran that car near 300,000 until NE rot relegated it to a give away to a needy family. But it still had not died. Everyone of those buys had to do with reliability and the CU reports user survey data, the Bible of car selection. My only new car of that era was a Corolla wagon, which I kept. Good RWD car, versatile, trailer capable. They are choice for tuners still. My Torino wagon with 351C was a disaster. Bad trans led to leaking rear seal, led to spun rod bearing. I tackled trans by Ford book, then engine, then full body job and paint. Had obkyvfone body to that poiint. It was well done. but couldn't handle ice, scary, so I gave it to friend for cheap. It helped them with needy family that was growing. And I got to repeat a semester of school for being stupid and wrenching too much. Good life lesson. The American cars were much fun, and forced you into being a mechanic. Most fun was my Dads New Yorker with 440, pre EPA crap. Geared low, but still raced half decent. Could out drive cops in the 83 Chevellle, but could not hold own against a Skylark with Olds 350. Buick was seriously under estimated.
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