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antifreeze, not all the same

02/06/2019 10:55
Could have phrased this as a,slam on Walmart, but I susoect other generic branded antifreeze comes out of same processor. I have been buying Walmart house brand antifreeze, concentrate, cutting 50% with distilled. Has been doing fine until this season. We had -25, windchill about -45. Noticed a seep on dry paving, inspected, some coming from a fitting on radiator, and learned I had frozen margarita like slush in the radiator. I got in inside, heater on front for a couple days until we bounced to 50 above and 3 days above freezing. Ised good,flush in for 2 dsys. All clean, added bew fluid, for reasons unknown, I tested the result. 6degree above F. Tested concentrate, within a degree. Tested a Ford tuck nearby, good yellow color, -45F. Drained all out, bought Prestone, cut to 50%, tests at -24F. The Supertech was clear, not a hint of yellow. TEST. Don't assume.
02/12/2019 14:04
PEAK acknowledged their product is not suppossed to be clear in color. Now, they want lot numbers.
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