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On Line taxes

02/09/2019 15:39
For those of us who buy online, we are entering a new era. My state sucked up about $40 of my dollars this week before I knew what was happening. This post shows how it is shaping up for the end of Interstate Commerce Act as we knew it, all our lifetime. Ebay, Amazon and other large conduits for small businesses are vacuuming up your money and remitting it to a state who invested zero in the transaction, the revenue, the roads, utilities, what have you in order to make that buying experience possible. If any sucker lives in the states on this link, your life just got a whole lot more expensive. You are the victim of your own tax sucking trolls running your state. No one else, just you. Can you say "unconstitutional double taxation". Yeah, trying sourcing your parts and not paying the tax twice. Good luck. My sales tax number is useless at this level.
02/11/2019 18:44
I'm against most every tax. BUT, what's the constitution say about "double taxation"?
02/11/2019 23:00
I am not sure it matters when courts rule. Every state is racing to grab their piece of pie here. We will have national sales tax soon, sans Delaware. I beleve the retail apocalypse is driving a rush of activity and money grab by states. If all the malls die, all retail goes online, imagine the taxable property values plunging into tax sale. You don't feed the monster called government without massive property taxes. My town is losing a vast amount of commerce. Factories, mall, chain,stores, and now mom ajnd pop. We had tgevoldest industry inthe USA West of Mississippi. It shuttered, and I did work on office move for them emptying their factory. Those were top tier union ultra skilled positions, forever gone. I trained specifically to get on there. They announced closure as I was completing my training.
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