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rear disc rotor Q

02/19/2019 00:44
On a 06 Toyota 4runner, there seems to be a pattern of rear disc calipers seizing. That happened to us this week. The weather is yecky, tons of road chemicals. We wash more often. Is that a Toyota issue, or a wide issue we are just getting? Can I gain by the 5th gen upgrade to parts, or just find equivalent and count the months till it re-occurs? Too bad Doc P bowed out? Or was Volvo his brand? Can't wait for winter to break. No sleep keeping up with all the issues thatvgo with snow plow and equipment upkeep.
02/19/2019 09:33
Salt kills everything under a car that's not painted. If owners knew how much that salt depreciated their cars they'd question why that salt is applied to the road. A truck in my bay now has a seized caliper slide.
02/19/2019 12:52
do you dismantle and repair, or simply swap the parts? I haven't had much experience on rear disc setups.
02/19/2019 12:57
Our town has about 5000 12" pot holes. The asphalt streets have so many splits and gravel from crappy pot hole repair machine they look like a early 1900s street. I think my driver wheel started shimmying today. Likely bent the rim, on a 1 ton steel rim.
02/21/2019 12:44
Often the guide pins are seized and it's faster to replace the assembly. A fast repair can save much labor time, which is also money the customer will be responsible for.
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