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Fun with 1.87 million

05/07/2022 18:19
How to be rich and trash cool stuff.
05/07/2022 21:30
How to be rich and trash cool stuff? WhistlinDiesel on youtube.
05/07/2022 23:22
I feel disconnected. So many 20 somethings bank 40 to 60K in their tricked out rides that all look like each other. Used to be looking different, standing apart was the trick move. So we highly personalized our wealth big choices in sportscaster, music le cars.. Now they all look the same. Lifted on wide 20s with dual stacks. Where is the Rambler on skinnies with a 390 that can smoke most other cars?
05/07/2022 23:43
"Not the fastest muscle cars ” ? Ask anyone who was there in the day,and they will correct you.3000 lbs,an unbelievably effective factory 4 link ,and Torque and horsepower that come on very early ,meant misery for all the mainstream muscle.I have 3 Scramblers ,and been racing one in the street legal class,for years.We ran a 10:07 at 135 mph in October.Stroked AMC 401,stock suspension,and rear end.We do run a built torque flight automatic,in place of the 4 speed,and squirt some NOS.The cool factor of the SC/Rambler, at the track ,is immeasurable. Many here know what I have in my collection,and these little cars have a special attraction to more than just Rambler geeks (he says affectionately). Rust, on this series, happens on the passenger quarter between the wheel and door.Other than that they are pretty solid.Parts like the mirrors and dash can be problematic ,and this one seems to have all the right stuff .The headliner is unique,nearly impossible to find.30 to 40k is exactly where drivers trade,and the best,ones have done over 60.Bat features these periodically ,and I’m glad they do." Author talking about his Scrambler in the American paint scheme, 1500 units that Hurst co-built. They look right up there with the Buick GTX as sleepers in their class.
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