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+ battery cable routing??

05/26/2022 19:25
What happened to all the historical/legacy Q&As? are they hidden somewhere? did they get purged or lost in the digital universe? This site was the greatest Pontiac site and now it's nearly useless from what i can see from just looking around. I'm having a problem with my + battery cable burning up due to it being too close to the RA cast exhaust manifolds i just installed and the 455 block. I don't think there is enough space to install the metal tube that mounts to the engine mount. I even bought a DEI fire sleeve but i don't think there is enough room to put it in. Looking for solutions.
05/27/2022 09:27
I don't know where the history went. I miss that data. Routing of the starter cable on RA cars is different. Here's a link to some info.
06/19/2022 21:37
Did you get it figured out?
06/19/2022 22:46
Im going with the wire routing for 70-72, with two wire retainers bolting to the motor mount bolts and routing he cable below the motor mount. seems like a better solution and keeps the wire well away from the exh. man. i got answers on the ames forum. now i just need a longer +battery cable.
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