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The future of the automobile

06/02/2022 15:03
What do you think of the 5, 10, 25 year future of the automobile? If a repair shop were to be built right now, what should they focus on repairing? Electrics? Keeping retro (classical Pontiacs) cars on the road?
06/02/2022 18:41
How can you build right now? Cost of construction has quadrupled. Best shot is find a building from the 80s or earlier and adapt it. If the worries of big bankers hold true, we won't be driving. As in anything. Your future would get burros. They make excellent helpers, and protectors. They have a plug in capability, expose to grass, they recharge.
06/02/2022 18:53
This is the determining point to your question. I heard they produced trillions of megawatts. The combined nuclear was 29% of the industrial states consumption. The Reouvlican rural constituents are bucking applications for solar and wind energy. Pretty dumb, they could realistically reach 25% of their needs off that. Bankersxwho say we are in fir a hurricane of economic trauma, are likely pushing ESG investment criteria. Cars need plastics and much oil involved naterials, energy too. I see no future for any of the parts that make a car,let alone the natural gas or petroleum oil derived plastics. Those who drive classics may be forced to hybridize them.
06/02/2022 22:40
So instead of a car repair shop, focus on building good pasture, hay storage, and farrier services? That's your opinion, and I asked for it. (Put about 250 bales of hay up last year, got a book about horseshoein' a few years ago. The horse can still walk. I'm ahead of ya.)
06/10/2022 21:48
When you ask "how can you build right now?" you ASSUME that I"m building. I am not building. However, plenty of houses are being build just down the road. I don't know how or why they're doing that. It's like a brainless herd charging toward a cliff....
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