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leak tests 4.0 L

03/21/2019 22:00
winter saw my pretty new Peak Walmart house brand) antifreeze get icy. Thick like Margarita when the Artic inversion hit states. Pulled radiator this nice week and it held 17 lbs. Do I re-assemble, fill with water now that warm, and pressure test. Coolant appeared to seep below neck. Nothing was in system. Suppose I blew frost plug? Can you crack a head when system never froze hard? The car got garaged and heated with propane unit while cold threatened.
04/04/2019 20:42
Pressure held at 13 psi. A bit low and my Stant tester needs a kit, taking a few dsys. Store rental kit pretty useless, pops out early. Consensus seems to be car needs full operating heat and pressure, then study cyl 3 and 4 area for antifreeze. Wonder if that slushy ice this January managed to hurt the head. No frost plugs gave, and no radiator failure. But its going somewhere.
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