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Trucks in CA

07/21/2022 15:01
Wow. Seems like complications from a greedy ("Democrat" run) government. Stifle free market, see what inflation does. See link for restrictions on truckers.
07/21/2022 15:40
In case you haven't caught on, "climate change" is the next "emergency" to allow Communists to circumvent the laws in the USofA.
07/22/2022 00:15
3000 comments and no one can break it down? So state California law dictates you work for a company? No owner operator independent contractor status? So I am to interpret only JB Hunt drivers haul container chasis out of the two or so ports? Is the error they've anticipated the workers compensated for the 9bhours they've it on their seat waiting to get a container,so they can start to drive it out of CA, which takes at least 8 hours driving time? Math wise, 17 hours isn't doable, so yiu must have a huge fuel stop Pilot, Flying J, Loves) with about 800 parking stalls, right? I could see putting a CDL in office just so they could get a little insight, sheesh. I hear US DOT has zero career drivers, let alone CDLs.
07/22/2022 00:19
I just dropped a couple grand on my semi, because I think I need it for income pretty soon. Running on my own authority sounds really intimidating. You need full time paper pushers, and deep pockets for all the litigious crap.
07/23/2022 18:01
unintended consequences IMO. The focus of the law was about Lyft, Uber and other small workers who don't benefit from social laws that pertain to supporting workers. Lacking the tax stream, they aren't even in the possible receipient category. I do agree that independents need a compensation for sitting in que for a 12 hour window at a Union operated port to get a container. That is just crackers, using up your 70 hour limit, and the first day off of rest can only be about 14 hours. You cannot possibly burn up the hours and make your destination across the country in that manner. I did West coast runs for a while, and was pretty certain I would not be returning to California, at least not by way of the Northern route through the SIerras.
07/26/2022 12:21
Good ole California. That government says "bees" are "fish". No wonder they don't know that men aren't women. Google "CA bees fish".
07/28/2022 16:19
Is Whoopi Goldberg retarded? Or is her bias SO entrenched that she can't think clearly?
07/29/2022 01:10
Are you trying to learn English again? Why else would you study a TV show on what you see out your window? It is kind of hard to watch, lacking its creator Deborah Walter's. But the girls, couple are pretty, huh.
07/29/2022 17:31
Sir, California (Democrat) legislator define a BEE as a FISH. The court (Democrat appointed) allowed it. Bees are now Fish in California. Democrats are retarded. Republicans are not much better.
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