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head work

05/06/2019 23:31
Getting a set of 63 heads opened up. Not familiar with best practices in Pontiac high performance builds, so I need advice. Below are options, and another option is aluminum filling on exhaust crossover Note: with the 7/16" rocker stud conversion you can run PRW stainless rockers with short nuts under the stock 389 valve covers!! Programs available for 1963/64 #716, 1965 #76,77 1966 #092,093,094 Engine is 421 HO with 716 heads and 859 intake, dual Carters.
05/07/2019 22:33
So, I need the 7/16 screw in studs. Can someone tell me about the exhaust crossover? Anyone paying attention?
05/08/2019 09:14
It's all been covered before. Try the archives or the restore tab with all the great info.
05/10/2019 22:45
It's a shame the archives aren't available. I was going to point a friend to some info the other day....
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