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Continental brand in tank history.

06/06/2019 15:42
I am reading about a celebrated Tiger 1 commander who took out about 20 Sherman tanks and armored transport carriers in 15 minutes in a strategic ambush after Normandy. He is buried at German cemetary there, kilked a few monthsxafter tge invasion. Tangent to our response later in war with debut of Patton tank, a big improvement over Sherman. First one has a Ford, just 450 HP, built in a Fisher Body plant. Next gen gets a V-12 Continental called Patton 2. Improved HP and reliablity. As I learn about Continental, I see Chinese own it, in Mobile AL. i know the world changed a lot but why did aerospace company get into Chinese hands and why do our laws permit that? P.S. If you hear interviews on NPR of WWII paratrooper today, Les Cruse, that is my brothers living father in law. A Normandy reenactment visitor a few years ago. Pretty interesting piece.
06/06/2019 15:45
06/06/2019 16:38
On this anniversary of D-Day, many thanks to our WWII (and all other) Veterans! Firstlast, I recall you mentioning your brother's FIL before. Many thanks to him. It's a shame the article didn't tell more of his story...
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