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Your biased internet....important (IMO)

06/24/2019 23:25
Go to your google search engine. Type "Men can" and see what automatically pops up to complete your thought. If those suggestions are puzzling, try watching this vid: https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/06/24/insider-blows-whistle-exec-reveals-google-plan-to-prevent-trump-situation-in-2020-on-hidden-cam/
06/28/2019 06:21
Ask your fake news propagator who loves fraud and wire taps a car question. Why are Ford and GM shrinking in double digits and boldly moving into electrics. I woukd like to hear a boardroom discussion on their strategy. Slashing 5 plants in Europe and Russia yesterday, I am wondering if they can adapt. Plus they had a great Cafta car, Volt, and failed to market an American car where we will not have close together charging stations. Volt was so forward thinking for our broad expanse of land, and just like G8, ended way before its time.
06/28/2019 10:04
Firstlast, did you type "men can" into Google search? Put a space after "can" and see what that changes.
01/21/2021 11:32
Very current info. Google is very, very biased. See the "documentary" Social Dilemma on netflix
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