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Horsepower wars of a different type

07/30/2019 13:38
Well before we had the car wars, we had railroad locomotive wars. If you get lucky enough to visit the Henry Ford, a extraordinary all things mechanical museum in Detroit, you see the focal piece, the Allegheny locomotive. This article describes the race between Union Pacific and C & O coming out of coal country, to build a bigger badder, more powerful locomotive. During WWII early years as armements were rolling out of all manners of plants, they were pulling something like 110 cars of loaded war armaments behind one single Allegheny. Every day of the week, I watch 4 electric diesel locomotives pull 130 cars of coal through this these relative flat midwest prairie states I live in. The HP in this article states it made 7498 dbhp of power. The reason I posted was that the similar Big Boy, at about 1000 less HP, is rolling through my state right now, exhibiting to the public in a tour commemorating the trans continental rail road completion. It is the only survivor actually in operational condition in this modern day, and had just been through 5 years of recondition work. These trains were obsoleted by 1945. Electrified diesels took over.
07/31/2019 09:56
Very interesting indeed!
07/31/2019 10:05
Since you are in Iowa I wonder if you've noticed any unusual aircraft heading to Oshkosh? This week is the big meet there. Maybe some of those planes from the southwest come over you. It would be neat to hear the drone of a radial powered bomber.
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