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dropping a E40D trans

08/22/2019 23:54
Have almost everything apart on dropping a auto trans from a 95 Ford F250 w/ 7.3 Tdiesel. Currently wondering about best practices to get the trans down in that tight tunnel. There is no room to back it up - you quickly conflict with exhaust header pipe . So I am attempting to break loose the 6 or so bolts on torque converter, allow me to back up a small depth and less conflict with the exhaust pipe off the turbo. Any thoughts if anyone has done this. I think I chased tools half the day, getting all the oddball gear i have acquired over the years to accomplish this. 20" extension, stretched out to 40, fly wheel special tools, 6 point sockets I apparently didn't own. Finally getting the hard stuff out, then I turn the head on a torque converter using a dang 12 point. Search my gear - what no 6 point. Off to blow more money on tools. Is there any socket I don't own now? Any has anyone else had as much fun on that bolt jammed under the exhaust outlet from Turbo? I finally got it using 3/8 swivel socket, on very long extensions. No way 1/2 stuff is fitting up there. Somehow I bet everyone here has stuggled, considering how the Pontiacs shoehorn in, especially with headers.
08/23/2019 12:50
It's best to always pull the TC with the trans. If you're going to reinstall a trans, make plenty of room to go back together, even if that means moving rusty exhaust pipes. I've felt your pain. Best wishes.
10/05/2019 13:24
I hit a barrier, 2 bolts top corner blocked by the turbo down pipe. Could not get enough travel to remove them, until I got exhaust disconnected and down pipe off the turbo. Videos on how to were not much help. I can't believe the shop book hours on this. And I still need to degrease the frame, bottom of trans before I out in new seal. I will leace rear main seal untouched, reassemble, find oil leaking I never suspected. But it appears to be good, no oil slurry dripping. Wonder why these E40D trans continually have pump seal issues?
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