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Mecum auctions

04/04/2020 10:16
Found this pretty cool. Sold new for about $16000, 4 times cost of Shelby GT350. . aFor a coach built hand made car, the workmanship is amazing. Fact this was better than Ferrari, and a new alternative is a great story of competitive spirit. Don't think Anerica's muscle csr fetyish could habe been as hige if the Europeans hadn't established such a high bar. 12 cyl, 320 HP, 6 webers, double wishbone suspension, terrific road height for Alps twisties. Drool interior. And did you see the other auctions, GEETO Tiger, and dome collectors clearing out beautiful rate line ups of Buick's best muscle, low edition Camaros. Guess the rich don't care what the economy is doing, or maybe this is the time to rush to investor cars, and depart the financial markets as they go toward depression.
04/09/2020 16:33
a summary video of the Eddie Vannoy collection. Really cool stuff, great eye.
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