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Stuck brake adjuster

08/18/2020 22:50
I had sticking wheel cylinder on my 67 GTO, or maybe a collapsing hose, anyway the other day it started to drag bad and I decided to make time to change it. However the star adjusting wheel will not turn to release the shoes enough to take the drum off, I can feel when I lift the adjusting pawl out of the way and hear the spring moving, but it absolutely will not turn. I thought plan B would be taking off the master cylinder and cutting off or drilling out the shoe retainer nails from the back side, but I can't see them, unless their just covered by 50 years of dirt. This car only has 130K on it so it could be the second or so brake job.
08/19/2020 00:15
You can force the drum off, just pry between the drum and backing plate. Usually the nails pull through the retainers. The hardware kit is cheap, and can include that frozen adjuster.
08/19/2020 01:37
Thanks Ashley, I thought that would bend the backing plate. I was going to drill them out some first. Shouldn't I be able to see the nail heads from the back side? Maybe they fit really flush. I'll try cleaning it off tomorrow.
08/19/2020 10:48
The nail heads are probably visible from the back, and grinding them off would allow the shoes to come off with the drum. But that's more time and work and still requires a hardware kit.
08/19/2020 11:22
whack on opposing sides of drum, same time. Keep it up, gradually the drum will peel loose from the frozen rust seizure. If you want the drum kept nice, get dead blow hammers. Your pads are bound up, and your star adjuster is seized. Use anti seize on the replacement adjuster threads. Your wheel cylinders will also be shot. Best to push out all the old fluid every 2 to 4 yes, humidity occures inside the line, called condensation, and the whole brake system fails.
08/24/2020 13:37
Well that didn't end well. Do brake drums need to be replaced in pairs or can I just buy one, and reman one?
08/24/2020 14:13
There is no need to replace in pairs.
08/29/2020 21:08
Well I finally got this off and it turns out it wasn't just a brake that was hanging up. Both the inner and outer bearings were bad and it looks like I will need a wheel hub as well. Can you not get just a drum brake wheel hub anymore? I see 2 hub kits on Ebay but hopefully I won't need all that. Didn't this fit all A-bodies, it seems like they should be plentiful. Maybe everyone but me has switched to discs.
09/18/2020 10:01
So this is a front brake drum/hub assembly? Can't you replace the bearings and races to salvage the hub?
09/18/2020 19:54
I think I will be able to on the side I have had apart before, but the original hub on the drivers side is pretty well fused to the drum. I have heated it several times with a torch and beat on it but it won't budge. The cones are Hyatt so I'm sure they are original. I live on the Oregon Coast so we fight rust constantly, even the nails on my house need routine attention. And I live in a neighborhood with a lot of older retired people and I don't want make a constant racket so I gave in and bought a hub kit from Summit, you can only buy two at a time, but it comes with the bearings and seals. I also noticed the master is starting to weep so I just added that to the list. We get over 80 inches of rain per year so I should have been using more anti-seize on bleeding more often and none of this would more than an easy bearing change. But at least I have a 67 GTO to work on! Thanks.
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