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storm your way

08/26/2020 23:30
Now the hurricane is 180 mph and 22 foot storm surge. Pretty severe, bigger than any I recall. Had photos from scrapbook of huge one in the 60s. The Derecho through central Iowa hit 140 mph, sustained for 3/4 to 1 hr. The devastation in that area is according to storm chaser utility crews both of US and Canada, by far the worst they had ever seen. Towns aren't recognizable. Many here plant tree wind breaks, and have hundreds of just gone tree lines. Imagine that clean up, 100 trees per property. I guess it doesn't much matter what your opinion is about weather and man's effect. It's just such a moot point. We run ships across the arctic and compete in aggressive nationalist by multiple even far off regimes to grab natural resources in the thawed territory. I was kinda hoping this stay and shelter would mean we had some reduction in thermal energy production. But like a over cooked egg on the stove, once the thermal extreme has been passed, it is going to take a ridiculously long time to come back to thermal equilibrium. The storm coming by Fort Campbell it looks like. You might get some effects too. At least you have hours to ready yourself.
08/27/2020 09:14
The storms are rough, but I'm more concerned with the anarchy and possible civil war that's bound to come if the current "logic" of both "sides" continues. What's going on in Kenosha is like a train wreck of bad choices.
08/27/2020 21:48
why did we learn nothing from MLK. why are voters being squeezed and denied right to vote? This week our state has repeatedly acted to block absentee ballot drop boxes, mailings (secretary of state as well as county auditors) to register for absentee. And 3 lawsuits were filed to disalllow/ deny voter registrations in 3 heavily weighted suburban female counties of college education. Double lawsuirmts, one by Trump, one by RNC. The ouroiseful dwconstructiin of the Post Office isnymt about privitazation or ineptness, its svout gumming ypnthecgesrsxdo badly, votes cmcsnnot possibly be counted in Bidens favor. Trump had head of Fed Ex and UPS in oval office 4 wks ago to strategize this insider attack. Look up any piint I just sumnarized. Its not 1880, its not even 1920 Germany, Its the USA in 2020 and the people arent going to take it anymore.
08/28/2020 09:14
Well, some voters don't trust a change to mailing ballots. The typical voting system is supposed to be overseen by "both sides", there are many checks and balances that are supposed to lessen the odds of cheating. I think mailing ballots adds a risk that hasn't been thought of before._____Basically, there is "the way we've done things before" side (which may or my not be right, but was done democratically), and there is the "WE WANT CHANGE" side (which are pulling down statues, burning buildings, and shouting down opposing views).
08/28/2020 17:19
A lot of the violenve isn't directly the protesters, especially pacific N.W. where white supremascists have bonded with anarchists. That fact is blindklly discarded in attrubuting everything to black lives matter. I looked,at the new Time mag. cover,. Pretty sad. Black mom clutching blank cutout baby, and 35 names printed around the front cover edge. Where is the spoken word of compassion or a hint of regret by this administration? Does anyone on the right have the will to cope with the white on black aggression by police? I've had young cop in my town screaming his lungs out at me to force compliance and submission. All I was doing waa trying to see past his blinding bright headlights tight behind me while I waited for light to turn green. I'm a worker, and was beginning a long double of snow plow contract on city sites in our downtown when that happened. The other officer had to tell him to STFU. And a black cop in my town murdered a white nasty mom who was beating on her man repeatedly, had a no contct order which she,was violating outside the house they formerly shared. He got off on account of a slip and mis fire blamed on snow and slick leather shoes. Why did he need a gun drawn? He did not need a reaction, he needed to call for backup and drag her sorry ass to jail. The cops covered up, the city covered up, they suppressed the body cam. The state A.G. covered up. It ultimately cost our city milllions to settle, big national story. Our streets destroy your car, but we can pay out millions for imbeciles. Nope, we have no problem, just angry illegal mobs whining about nothing.
08/29/2020 15:03
White on black aggression? Sure there is some, but there is WAY, WAY more black on black aggression. Look at the stats. I'm against all murders, no matter the color of participants. And what about the lies that start some of these protests, like Ferguson? Remember the moto of that protest? Read the court testimonies, see if that lines up with what the media said. Same with the 17 year old boy that was getting chased and kicked, hit with a skateboard...until he defended himself with a gun. And the media falsely reported on that fact....I know the Washington Post and NPR were wrong. Blatantly wrong. That cannot be an accident. And that obviously biased media is what bothers me the most.
08/29/2020 17:00
I don't know the Tennessee protest story, but why are we allowing legislators to barr protests on public courthouse lands? Doesn't that bother you, going directly against the 2nd amendment? TN is a lot like SC in the race issue. I would not want to grow up in Memphis, or East Nashville. No doubt, you can find sin and fault in the black community, and then you ask why we allow for profit prisons run by white owners to continue the circle of violence and perpetuated poverty. We have to deal with this. 35 slain in a couple years is insane. I blame the lax gun culture and that shouldn't be allowed to foster. There is no end point when everyone arm to the T's and develops the kind of short fused hostility that Covid has caused. Crap is going to happen, and life is bound to be hard. We shouldn't be able to grab a gun and cope with the frustration in a hot moment. But that is what the black on black crime is all about. Control the street, control the money, and circumvent the structure of society. And where did they learn that? It was a white controlled street before them, and it was called the mafia.
08/29/2020 23:24
Do you notice the strong bias in the media reports? Like Nickolas Sandmann who was vilified for simply standing still?? He beat the liars at CNN. How about the lies about Kyle Rittenhouse "shooting into a crowd" (Washington post words) when he was actually being chased by a mob, kicked in the head, then smashed near the head with a skateboard before shooting two attackers? How about the lies from Ferguson about "hands up", leading to criminals looting and burning, yet court testimony revealed the "nice young man" was actually attacking a cop after he'd attacked a store owner?
08/29/2020 23:34
Thanks to video cameras just about everywhere, the lies of the media are easy to expose. Please see this link for a video which gives a summary of the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting stuff. The media won't give out this many puzzle pieces, 'cause the media doesn't want us to have the whole picture of BLM/anarchist aggressions.
08/30/2020 15:01
Another example of bias.
08/30/2020 15:03
But anyway, the storms were not bad at all here. I've got a dead tree close to the house that I put a long rope as well as long cable on and tensioned away from the house in preparation for strong winds. No winds, and I can't budge the tree either.
08/31/2020 23:53
reporters, I think iteas Oregon, were being atracked by protestors, assume leftys ratger than antifa, but reason was they did not want faces idrntified. Bow why would the independent press be a threat to a message they want to get out? But the,faxt is, peess,worldwide are ubser trenebdous threat of life by totakitarian forces who wish to deny the light from reaching their evil methods. Xi in Chiba abd the maneuvers, stste inplant fliwibg into HongKong by thectens,of thousands so they can alter rhe demographics of protestors versus dokt liyslusts is just one prong of a multi prong campaign to swuash absokute totslitsrisn conteol of at least half a dozen peoples (sects) in those regions. There are now so mabyvcamps being built, and peoole held (300,000) that we are exceeding all records except WWII Nazi holding camps. The sad truth is Trump and his jacked up adrenaline livibgvthrongs are vrratibg this,fear of isebtification because feds, and some 60000 border patrol army are grabbing, fibger printing and tracking who the agitators are, to define their opponent. Now go read Bradbury,, Orwell, and tell me where they (militant state/ private army) got this roadmap? We are so close to being Russia right now, ubder this,totalitarian oligarch, it is just scary. Every day, all day long, he uses,KGB disinformation scripts and twists the perps with the good guys standing up for truth and our founding fathers. No general in our military respect this tyrant. You cannot be a leader when you are twisting and breaking every law in the books daily and hourly. If any of this smelks to you, thdn ask why we must ddnyvVongress of sevurity broefibgs when WE KNOW RUSSIA IS MANIPULSTING OUR EVENTS, POLLS, AND PRESIDENTIAL INFLUENCE to sway the outcome. Only then does the master plan get revealed, as we finish criminalizing NATO the good guys who are ourxsworn allies in defending freedom, and let Putin storm Europe, gain total control of most of the RISK game board he has been playing like a genius. Trump and your like who worship him are giving away democratic freedom through a deep shell game strategy you all fail to see through. He had one mastery, confusion and conquer via con artist skills. Master of business -hardly. Master of the CON, he learned from the best and surrounded himself with like con artists, who are now mostly indicted and sentenced. All this will be revealed if he succeds in cheating the election through about 6 stratrgies.
09/01/2020 00:00
Woah, there, feller. Did you see any of the vids at the links I provided? They give proof that the media is very biased to favor the socialist/anarchist side of the story. Do you care about that?
09/01/2020 10:00
If you will, please see the "article" I'm linking. I think it has a lot of bias. Do you agree?
09/03/2020 12:24
Security Council is refusing (Trump is ordering this coverup)to tell Congress security updates on Russia infiltration of our 2020 election. They will operate at the local level and create street violence as well, its a common practice. Ukraine, Belarus, US anywhere they need to sway opinion and divide peoples to achieve their expansionist goals. This administration is deeply infected with Russia, and no one will pay attention to the facts. Its all about invalidating our intelligence services, crushing hiring, and riggin' judicial to keep a dangerous administration achieving their narrow view of "democracy" which is a real stretch for what is actually going on. Your state has a love relationship with Russia and it goes right to McConnel with a massive Russian business enterprise established there. So absolutely, we are watching the destruction of civil protest and a focused purposeful incitement of a segment of our native born peoples to join in this conflict, which is now involving thrown objects, molotov cocktails and sadly weapons. I don't see anything good coming from this. The recent backlash against BLM is a sign that many of the black population are also not supporting departing from the teachings and practices of MLK. Maybe I am reading that wrong, but there is definitely a resistance by the majority of American's to this unrest that is fomenting in lawlessness, and don't believe for one second the propaganda that Biden Harris condone that one iota. NO FLIPPIN WAY. Its got to stop, and normal civil discussion has to start. I once was in Portland once, bought fuel. The moron pumping the gas touched my paint. You can pry the fuel nozzle from my cold dead hands, you flippin socialists. You will never pump my gas again.
09/03/2020 14:04
Do you see the ? at the end of my questions to you? :)
09/04/2020 10:43
Do you understand that bias exists? Here is another example, from a USA Today article. I quote "Poe told USA TODAY Wednesday that a white woman appeared to purposefully swap her American flag face mask for a Blue Lives Matter mask once realizing her seat assignment was next to Poe, a Black woman. Blue Lives Matter supports police officers and is a counter movement to Black Lives Matter, which aims to eradicate white supremacy and has organized nationwide protests in response to police violence against Black people." Can you see the bias?
09/04/2020 23:43
ABC "news" can't get much of the Rittenhouse info correct. See this link for their biased timeline.______Firstlast, does this obvious bias matter to you?
09/05/2020 10:20
Trump 2020 MAGA
09/08/2020 10:10
Speedrider, what do you think of my posts to Firstlast?
09/08/2020 14:00
I think this person with the ACLU is biased, so badly biased that their view is exactly backward.
09/08/2020 23:24
you know, there is a fringe element the FBI is investigating, who go to Ukraine, fight both sides of Russia vs Ukraine, just to get warfare training, then come home and instigate race hate wars. And why would a group patterned off Al Quaeda do that in America? When people feed you nonsense, and you consume it without critial thought the end result is a shattered union. Think we need that? Russia, China, and Iran need that, so dont get sucked into the vortex of hate.
09/08/2020 23:31
Firstlast, in an attempt to understand your viewpoint, I provided some links and asked you some questions about bias. Why do you not respond?
09/09/2020 13:10
just busy. Not getting any desk time.
09/09/2020 14:25
Hmmm....you're "just busy", too busy to respond to my questions about bias? Yet you've typed about 1000 words in that time....none of which address my questions. Hmmm....
09/11/2020 14:43
Here's some USA Today "reporting". See if there's any bias in it. (Remember to watch the video of the Rittenhouse shooting to compare the two.)
09/14/2020 17:06
Please remember, this site nearly died because of political crap. We don't really want to come here to get stressed. There is some truth I am sure, and there some truth in the Russia ties to the President, I am equally sure. That should bother a lot of you. We need financial disclosure to tie the threads together and track the lies which are based around his financial lies, and binding relationships to Russia. But either way, you cannot keep this stuff hidden. It has a way of surfacing just like flotsam. You should be looking at the recent disclosures by NSC council which tie Trump to Ukraine Spy. The veil is going to be pulled very soon.
09/14/2020 17:10
The Loudest Voice Have you watched this TV series yet. You really need to, just to understand how Orwellian our "pseudo news" has become. You think the left is twisting facts. Just watch the show. Fascinating study in power and its abiltiy to distort truth. I would have binge watched it, if I weren't so busy.
09/14/2020 23:48
So, you claim that you didn't respond to my question due to lack of time is refuted by your posting of other things. You...lied.
09/15/2020 11:21
Bias is not necessarily politically motivated. Examine this limited video report. Sometimes it would be wrong to run over someone, other times it would be right. A short vid with no audio provides very little info.
09/15/2020 11:38
Look at the 3:45 minute mark of the vid in this link. Maybe these "protests" are political, maybe not. Either way, blocking a roadway while carrying flags of a different country is WAY beyond what this country should tolerate.
09/18/2020 20:10
Ironic the ties to Russia are far easier to prove on Biden's side than Trump, but they keep trying, it seems like they keep accusing him of what they're guilty of. But realistically you could go back and forth on this for days, cite articles, bring in experts, and ultimately it will boil down to providence, and ours and our leaders willingness to seek it. Living in western Oregon and watching Bibles being burned on the streets of Portland is a perfect example. Whatever you think you know about what's going on here, I guarantee you its worse. Around here its pretty common knowledge the city of Portland has had a pretty dark side for a long time. I have known people that moved here from back east thinking it was the American dream and turned right back around in months. I saw the trailer for the new Caviziel movie last night called Infidel. I can't wait to see it. PS, I have been on CP since the early 2000's, what you believe or don't believe does not offend me, I'm a grown up and I assume you guys are too. If you ask me it was a flat out lack of maturity and lack of respect for the opinions of others that hampered the old site. So glad to see it back!
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