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tapped hole Q

12/06/2020 11:01
Had trouble with transmission pan bolts, a bit too small due to metric, and a couple sheared. After several days of work, Vdrill guide clamped, got the bolts drilled out. Long story short, a 17/64 got into the numbered drill index #9 slot, and now my tapped hole isn't holding tension at 50 in lb torque spec. I think I will punt and ignore it. 19 bolts, new gasket, and RTV applied due to some metal corrosion. I see no way this matters period. Agree?
12/06/2020 21:59
You'll probably be OK if you leave a bolt out. Also consider getting a self tapping bolt that's oversize enough to cut it's way in.
12/06/2020 22:25
could just switch to the SAE tap for that 17/64 bit.
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