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Q-jet numbers, BOP

09/20/2018 12:32
I've got a Chevy guy who may want to trade some BOP Q-jets to me. Does anyone have a link to desirable Q-jet numbers? Thanks, and let's see if I posted correctly...
09/20/2018 20:13
Ashley, carburetion.com is a good place to lookup numbers. Pete McCarthy's book is a pretty good resource too. If all else fails, google "Quadrajet" plus it's number and you'll usually get an answer, often from a forum like this one... Which begs the question will post from this new forum show up in google searches?
09/21/2018 16:28
The Carburator shop in MO has a great site for which QJs went on what engines.Tom
09/22/2018 19:24
Good sites....thanks.
09/27/2018 18:29
in my opinion just about any 1967-1972 Pontiac Quadrajet is a desirable core; to take it a step further, ones ending with an odd number denote a manual transmission, and are that much more desirable. 1967-1969 Pontiac = "702-26--" or "702-27-" 1970-1975 Pontiac = "704-26-" or "704-27-" Fourth digit is the model year( not callender year); some early 1969 model year applications saw the "70" left off of the application stamping, eg: "29268"
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