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1966 GTO diary

01/15/2021 19:32
My 66 GTO was my dad's first (and only) new car. He kept a record of major car repairs in a little black book in the glove box, but after he died and I got the car, the book was gone. Year later my mom tore down the old shop where my dad worked on the car. I figured that book was destroyed. But tonight I found it in a desk drawer. Notable events: The 389 lasted until 1976 at 146,000. It got another LeMans 350 in 1982. It rolled over 200,000 in 1987. Paint in 1992. 2.56 rear gears in 2001, as he was taking a road trip to see family while he could (was sick). That was his last entry. Anybody else have some Pontiac history?
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