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09/21/2018 09:47
Just in the couple of days the website has been active, I have already made several tweaks to things. On "Home" I have been experimenting with adding any 0 response Q&A topics and the most recent two "Registry" entries. I have also gone back and added headings to most of the pages that have lists. The last change was to add an image gallery to the "Registry" page that will collect the images for any search results. I like the notifications (both on the top and the emails) but I do think I want to make the new entries on the various sections more obvious once you go there. Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve the site.
09/24/2018 16:41
One thought, at the upper RH of the screen you have a notification of new posts. Why not make a click of that notification take the user to that/those new posts?
09/24/2018 16:55
Yeah. That's a dot I need to connect since it takes you to the page but doesn't show specifically which items are "new".
09/25/2018 07:50
Rich, I an having to sign in every time I visit the site. Is there any way for the site to "remember" me so I don't have to sign in?
09/25/2018 08:48
I'm using "cookies" to remember your sign on. Are you blocking "cookies"? Make sure you bookmark something other than the login page as well, like "Home"
09/25/2018 12:04
When you are signed in and you go to Classified, Messages, Q&A, and Registry it will bold and put the bell on each entry that is new since you last visited that section. Posts and Wall already sort by newest first, so I left them as is. Trying to decide what to do with Links.
09/27/2018 18:19
adding a date or date/time to posts might help so that no-one would be unintentionally resurrecting dead threads. I always used to check that...
09/27/2018 18:23
also, when navigating to the "new" Q&A, thread titles aren't treated as "links" - I instinctively clicked over the thread title to get here, but seeing my cursor NOT change, and the title NOT highlight does kind seem odd.
09/27/2018 18:33
... yup, been playing around with the new format; I like being able to add pictures - maybe the pictures can automatically be resized so that we don't have gargantuan attachments to scroll past; Also, it would be nice to be able to remove the picture, and/or replace it if the wrong one was initially selected.
09/28/2018 10:17
I added date and time. I made it so the title acts as a normal link, while you can still click anywhere on the line. Images are scaled on the site to prevent them from overwhelming pages, but I have a large limit on what can be uploaded. Not sure if that is what you meant. That scale changes based on screen size (like mobile). You can replace an image when you edit anywhere just by selecting a new image, but right now I don't have a mechanism to completely delete.
09/28/2018 14:55
Can you add the Date/Time feature to the Wall posts..... I think that would also be nice
09/28/2018 15:27
Added to the Wall.
10/04/2018 22:57
I posted a list in the Q&A, well I tried to post a list. I put my list of parts in a column by hitting "enter" to space them on different lines, but when posted it turned into a run-on sentence. _________ I typed enter twice to make this a different paragraph, but I bet it posts as sentence attached to the _____ . Can this be changed?
10/04/2018 23:09
I'd have to replace the "enter" with HTML. It's possible.
10/04/2018 23:10
If it's not a big deal, I know it would help at times.
10/04/2018 23:14
I'll keep it in mind. I appreciate suggestions.
10/10/2018 22:23
I'd like to look up a few things in the archives, but I cannot figure out how to get there. If it's still "there", how about a link somewhere? (Assuming there's not one already that I'm blind to.)
10/30/2018 11:26
I put some pics on the Wall (we don't need no aggravation....) But they went sideways, any way to install a image manager? You have a great site going here, I am going to try and get the word out to my old HPP friends.
10/30/2018 12:08
Thanks, Joe. I'll consider making updates at some point. It took a fair amount of work to redo everything, so I'm taking a break (other than small tweaks and bug fixes).
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