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Lost a truly great Pontiac'er

03/26/2021 12:12
If you haven't participated in the Tri Power Nationals, you have no idea of the impact of this man. If you haven't restored a Pontiac, ditto. He leaves some really big shoes to fill. And we know how that goes in a dying passion. Everytime I got to eat at the tent, the meal his company paid for, and stand in the line for the T shirt toss for a 1 / 3 chance of getting your entire gate fee refunded for the weekend, it was just a really special way to tell us all how valuable we were, to each other, to his hobby, and to the culture we created. You will be very missed, at least by myself. It was a real pleasure to deal in person with your knowledgeable staff at Norwalk, and how you delivered on the hardest to create products. How would any of that have ever happened? I spent my winter plowing pretty much non stop for a good 4 weeks, so I am slow catching on to this news.
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