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right to repair

04/21/2021 23:04
Its farm tractors today, your electric hybrid truck tomorrow. Some of the taxation in a post gasoline no fuel tax for roads world, is suggested to be based upon data tracking of your car computer with a per mile assessment. This isn't so differrent than fuel apportioned taxes semi already have to pay. I avoid apportionment licenses, so others best chime in with how it goes. Can we petition to repair our own stuff? Can we do whatever we please on non road race vehicles? The needvyo find a affordable tractor right now is forcing me to bid way too high on a slightly used less than 10 year old machine. Apparentky from the hyper aggressive bidding on machines prior to this 2015 foolishness, is exactly because of this power grab by big rich green paint company.
04/29/2021 11:54
What size tractor do you need?
04/29/2021 18:22
I want around 125 to 140 HP MFWD, but its very hard to find one in this market. Trying to find around 4000 hrs, maybe 20 to 30 years old. They are out there, but get bid high. Lot of pressure on the used fleet because the new fleet mandates dealer support (computer) and you have the DEF liquid, etc... HP also drops as you go into tier 4, or translate, torque at wheel drops at same rated HP as before.
05/01/2021 21:04
What type of work will it do? Late model emissions standards have driven up the price of pre-emissions diesel pickup trucks, so I understand your dilemma.
05/02/2021 00:04
plow, finish dress, plant, scraper box, pull grain wagon, batwing mower. Can't go down below 100 HP, and do much of that. I notice how farmers have gotten really huge, even if their operstions don't demand 500 HP equipment, they often are sizing equipment to couple thousand acre size farms. I'd be happy with their hand me downs, if I could swing the money.
05/02/2021 14:59
Do you do all that farming yourself? What acreage? What current tractor?
05/02/2021 23:05
I did zero till now. Change happens. My business is in path of a 4 lane highway. The govt took all my parking lot. They are very unjust, screw property owner. I got screwed royally,,so if I can do it, that farm will be site for new building. First, need used equipment to manage the acreage. Big money and I do things conservatively so I may struggle to achieve the new site plans. Crops not my immediate goal. Property development and preventing the poison ivy and black locusts from ruining the field are this years goal. Really don't like quadruple cost lumber, hard to build, or even plan.
05/02/2021 23:24
Sir, I concur with hating lumber cost. Consider ICF construction. Super insulated, quick to build, and really cuts down on wood use. Also, beware trying to invest in all the stuff to maintain property vs hiring somebody to mow a few times a year. If you think you're conservative.... :^) I payed off my farm last year. 15 year mortgage, drove junkers to work, and used my "twin turbo Pontiac" bank account for the down payment.
05/05/2021 15:52
OH, are we competing on cheapness. Don't get me started.
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