G Body
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firstlast 3/2/1821:29Report
any ideas where to find a G body 78 to 87 yo use as donor body build project. The car needs to be salt zone free. 78-87 Buick Regal, 78-83 Malibu, 78-88 Monte Carlo, 78-88 Cutlass Supreme.

I would expect some flood cars from Houston would surface, unless they got thrown away.
Ashley P 3/4/1815:19Report
I have a 1983 GP. It's rust free but was cut on to lighten for drag racing. What parts do you need?

(Why didn't you include the PONTIAC G-body in your list? :O )
firstlast 3/6/188:59Report
Thought I did. Looking for total floor and frame, complete with full suspension, axles, front steering, brakes etc... It's a major project.

There are poor cars, picked apart ones. Not seeing good ones do far. If I look away from the Grand Prix or Olds 88, my be a better chance?
Ashley P 3/6/189:14Report
Sounds interesting, what are your plans?
firstlast 3/6/1823:09Report
Looking at possible designs to build the Tempest. It's still up in the air. Have some door and body work ahead, then start constructing rear steel work for a 57 axle, or go pro touring with the better more upgradeble G body underpinnings. I am networking with some shops that have customed similar not carbon copy vehicles.
Ashley P 3/7/189:20Report
Can you post some pics? It might liven the place up a bit...
firstlast 3/24/1814:53Report
I was considering a floor chasis project. Some well experiencedcustom shops have some G class custom setups that far outperform factory stuff, I just need to come up with a lot of money. I do like a combo where streetability and handling plus goid track performance can be designed in. Don't see a lot if these Tempests getting that treatment, most rear HP handling for straight track driving.