MCaCN in Chicago
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Ed L. 11/20/1712:36Report
Hey all, been a while. I recently started working for a friends consignment and finding service and was working his booth at the Muscle Car and Corvette nationals this past weekend. Got to see some great old ponchos and even chat about Darksiders. Made me miss my 63 even more.
Ashley P 11/20/1723:07Report
Good to hear from you. The site's been slow lately. Have you had any Poncho irons in the fire?

I sorta know what it's like to miss one, my GTO was damaged this spring and I sat in it just last weekend for the first time since July. But priorities...
Ed L. 11/24/1717:22Report
Did everyone move over to a facebook group? I know that happens alot.
Ashley P 11/25/1715:57Report
I think there are several reasons for less activity on this site. Some have gone to "competing" sites, some have "retired" from the Pontiac hobby, some have plain ole been banned, and some have left because people were not banned soon enough.

Life (and communication) seems to get quicker every day, and forums aren't as "quick and easy" as FB or insta-whatever.
tboy 11/26/1717:45Report
PY got most of who is still in the hobby.Tom
gmman 1/3/189:03Report
I used this website for years but got tired of all of the negative comments and insults towards others.
This site at times became a post for political ideas and beliefs. It should have remained strictly for Pontiacs, cars and how to fix the cars. Some of the people banned from this site are still doing the same thing on other Pontiac Forums.

Ashley P 1/3/189:50Report
gmman, I'd love to see some pics or watch some vid of the car in your bio. Got any links to such? That would liven the place up some...
gmman 1/3/1810:07Report


Hi Ashley
Here's a video of my GTO . The quality is not that good but a new video will be posted soon.

thanks Roger
firstlast 1/4/1813:45Report
Not many attendees at the major Pontiac draws who aren't gray haired. Just an observation. The gen needs are not into cars whatsoever. And Mattel has terrible returns these days. They hot me into this. Best car in collection was a 67 bird, the original style cars before hot wheels affected the designs.
Ashley P 1/4/1815:38Report
Roger, THAT perked my day up! Nice car. Thanks.
firstlast 1/6/1822:43Report
Sharp car. Great year and good taste in color scheme. Picked same combo for my firehawk, and it is very distinctive against the black interiors you usually see.

Ashley P 1/11/1821:57Report
gmman, I see on the video description that the car has run 12.47/112. I'm curious as to what tires and track prep, shift aggressiveness, and if there might be a video of that also. :)