69 wiring diagram
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firstlast 12/18/179:19Report
Rabbit damage to a harness, coming through firewall near ignition switch. Car had crank, no fire. Wires are intact, frayed. I will track these out,or see here if anyone had a link to a wire diagram. Can only be about 6 wires from this switch. This is a Bonneville.
Ashley P 12/19/1717:47Report
Wallace racing used to have an assortment of Pontiac diagrams.
tboy 12/27/1720:54Report
here we are on 12/27 with no new post since 12/19.Looks like this site has gone away.Bummer
firstlast 12/28/1722:13Report
I was thinking same thing. Sad. And it doesn't help that 3 world top cities banning most internal combustion engines,and now GM, Toyota,Volvo and more say by mid 2020s, no more conventional gas engines, just hybrids and electrics. Bob Lutz came out a few weeks back saying same thing regarding the whole wide industry. It seems city leaders worldwide are advancing an agenda they demand to fix their urban pollution nightmare. Since I live in flatlands with plenty of wind, only thing I fan handle is my neighbors Hardy brand wood furnace that leaves all air polluted and not safe to be near.

I remember Aspen CO banned wood stoves in the 80s because of lingering urban pollution in their mountain canyon. Shanghai has same issue trapping pollution, so they are banning engines. Mumbai India, London, and Paris also some of the heavy weights.

Odd fact you used to literally crest mountains at Shanghai and plunge into the airport. It was kind of scairy, and demanded a new airport. So when dredging manmade islands got to be a thing, and UAE built their fancy communities that look just like palm tree fronds from space, China started building a gigantic airport by dredging in between 2 islands and filling in between. In their hurry up piss poor engineering way, the whole terminal sank a foot, and whole international airport highly prone to typhoon floods. There is a cool video on their undertaking and how they joined these islands to the city. It was a massive engineering undertaking. And this is what led to them dredging into reality military installations way into the Indian Ocean region in middle of international waters that we are having a major cow over. If we go to war with China, it will be over their military aggression into Eurasia region and takibg of control over these waters to East of India.

tboy 1/1/1812:09Report
What does any of that have to do with this pontiac site?PY,PZ and all the other sites are VERY active?Tom