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old guy 1/23/1822:02Report
I just got an email from a friend that he needed a distributor to send Dave Ray to convert to electronic, but hasn't been able to find one that is workable and reasonably priced.

He did say that he went to Dave's website, and there is a "Distributor Registry" Dave has set up for people vending, bartering, trading, needing distributor cores to work with.

From what he said, it is in the first days, and doesn't have any info in it as yet, but, hey, if there is a place to go connect with others that have the things you need, why not.

My friend says Dave isn't involved with the cores himself, but connects those on the registry to each other, so they can get their distributor core supply needs handled.

Might be worth a look at Dave's website for more info.
Woodward 1/24/1816:57Report
Just testing for response
roadking88 1/26/1815:32Report
I have about 25 Pontiac distributors. Points distributors from 1965 to 1973. No rare #'s but many are for Firebirds and GTO's. Also have 2 HEI's. tomhart_37027@yahoo.com
old guy 1/27/1815:58Report
roadking, I suggest you get that info to Dave, he can put it on the registry. I emailed him the other day to see what my friend was talking about, and it is as he said, Dave doesn't take a cut, or commission, he just wants to get info to those that need, and have to offer, so it all works out.

I used his shop email, but, directly to the registry is, distributorregistry@gmail.com