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rwpeterson 4/9/1818:16Report
Does putting a New Chevy Corvette LS1 motor and Transmission in a 67 GTO still keep it a GTO???
GP704SPD 4/10/188:54Report
Anthony67400 4/10/1813:24Report
Ashley P 4/10/1814:31Report
That's one way to create excitement 'round here! lol

But, after comparing the iron Pontiac to an aluminum LS engine, both in cost and hp/cid/lb, it's becoming difficult to justify rebuilding a Pontiac.

(Yes, it hurts to say that. But it's true.)
Steve C. 4/10/1817:13Report
Deleted, wrong topic. Sorry
rwpeterson 4/10/1818:43Report
I'm asking the question because i have a 1966 GTO frame off restoration original 389.
entered a show last week.
1967 GTO?? with LS1 motor took 1st place.
Chris from A 4/10/1820:57Report
Well, do you want a car or something that is just for winning trophies? Also, did the car take first place because it had the LS engine, or was it a really nice car.
rwpeterson 4/11/1810:03Report
Very Nice Car, I just think having a Corvette motor takes it out of The pontiac class.
I would think it be in a custom class.
Ashley P 4/11/1810:41Report
I'm not a "show" type person, so I'm ignorant. Who was the organizer of the show? What classes are usually at each show? Are the judging criteria known?
GP704SPD 4/11/1814:29Report
You are right, that car should have been in a "custom" class.
rwpeterson 4/11/1817:31Report
Thanks for your feed back. I contacted the show organizers. They agree they put the car in the wrong class. Should have been in the custom class. Looking into what they can do.
Again thanks
firstlast 4/15/1822:38Report
I have a bone stock LS1, and it barely breaks 14s on a Trans Am. If you are putting a late year against even a mild well done 389 built motor, you will be in for a surprise. And for sheer fun, there is no comparison. The grunt of torque makes up for the whine of rpms. Go to Pontiac National in August. Every version is there. LS6 with dual turbos to 455 normal aspirated that are breaking low 11's and 10s. What you will never mistake, is the sound of that iron engine going down the track. There is a cretain music to it.