Tri Power Nationals
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firstlast 5/16/1814:39Report


Now would be the time to make your summer get away plans, and book lodging for the best Pontiac gathering bar none. The event is early August, see the link. Highly worthwhile time and you will entertain the family, believe me. If the wifey and kids can't stomach the drone of our 455s, they can side trek to Sandusky which has a lot to do - especially Cedar Point where you wait 2 hours launch off the line and do inverse insane loop de loop 12 stories up at 200 mph in 3 acceleration time.

Lodging books up - this is Ohio's biggest draw, so plan early.

You all might think Pontiac crowd is gone - hardly. They thrive at this event. This is THE got to event of the year. You will see some amazing cars, and great racing action.
form74 5/21/186:58Report
Best Pontiac Event, been going for over 10 years and bringing the Formula to race.

It's also great to see friends I made from across the Country at this event.
tboy 5/21/1821:16Report
Taking 3 friend from SoCal,2 have never been.Tom
firstlast 5/27/1816:30Report
You're gonna love it. Seriously.
Steve C. 5/29/188:21Report
He has been there a few times :) Tom has sponsored the traditional Pontiac engine Heads Up Class.
Steve C. 5/29/188:21Report