Hagerty Pontiac article
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firstlast 5/31/1811:11Report
Interesting read on Pontiac auction top 10 records. I haven't been able to link it.
Steve C. 5/31/1813:05Report


Here ?
tboy 6/1/1813:17Report
It is a poor article IMO,it only touches on a few cars,there are many more higher value cars that have not been on the block for awhile like 69 RA IV T/As and the 8 69 T/A converts.Tom
firstlast 6/5/185:57Report
This is getting into the weeds. Cannot even find articles on 68 TA. Was the car a Firebird sheetmetal, or altered hood and deck lid?
Steve C. 6/5/189:54Report
Nothing in 1967 or 1968. The "Trans Am" model did not come out until 1969 and less than 700 were made.