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I will evaluate cars for sale in my area. Conditions: That you are specific in your evaluation expectations, and it can be done at my convenience.
Interests:Cars used to be important, then I realized that other stuff should be. Like friends, family, and my relationship with Jesus Christ (who was either a raving lunatic, or IS the Saviour!). I do have a 66 GTO, most of a 68 GTO, a 69 and 70. The 69 was my first "love"...I turned on it's roof.:( The 66 was my dad's originally, and it's got more sentimental value then Ft.Knox could hope for. It's just a driver that needs LOTS of work, but it cleans up OK and gets on down the highway. Oh, the TA. 1978 model that has been "fixed" after a HARD RF hit. A manual trans and 3.50 gears make it fun. It's just an abused toy that I'd like to put turbos and EFI on. Peace.
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1966 GTO
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