Liberty Blue 1969 GTO Judge

This 1969 Judge hardtop was shipped from the factory on 4/21/69 to Woodson Pontiac in Roanoke Virginia. The MSRP including options was $4118.44. The car ended up used and abused in California in the early '80s, where it was purchased and restored by the owner of a Pontiac parts company.

The car was purchased in October '94 by the present owner. Recent upgrades to the car include a new clutch, exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers, Goodyear Eagle ST tires, KYB shocks, rebuilt rear suspension, and complete engine detailing. Future plans for the car include a front suspension rebuild. The car has over 100,000 miles on the original numbers matching engine, and runs great. It sees duty on sunny days and weekends, and has been in one car show; where it didn't bring home a trophy, but gathered quite a crowd.

I have heard of two other liberty blue 1969 Judges; since the first 2,000 were Carousel Red, this car must have been an early non-orange car off the assembly line. It would be interesting to hear of any other early 1969 Judges that are not Carousel Red.

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Window sticker specifications:

1969 GTO Judge Hardtop Coupe
Liberty Blue ext./Dark Blue int.
400 Cubic Inch V8 (Ram Air III)
4 Speed Transmission
Speaker-Rear seat
Seat belts-Deluxe
Tires G70x14 Raised Letter Fiberglass
Covered Headlamps
Tach-Hood Mounted
Rally Gauges

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