Polar White 1970 Trans Am

The 1970 Trans Am represented the first in what would become a performance dynasty for Pontiac. However, it was almost dethroned before it was introduced. The '69 T/A only sold 697 copies and management had earmarked the new car as just a decal special. Thanks to Herb Adams the second year effort was a much improved car. He pleaded his case for suspension and aerodynamic upgrades and won.

Standard features on the '70 included the Ram Air III motor, shaker hood scoop, 4 speed, power steering, power brakes, Rally II wheels (dechromed as on the Judge), bright exhaust tips, gauges, formula steering wheel. In the Henry Ford tradition the buyer could pick any color so long as it was white or blue. Optional was the Ram Air IV (88 were so equipped).
Almost three decades later it is hard to look at a car as the public would have when it was introduced. Try and forget the ELEVEN model years that followed and imagine an exotic cross between Europe's best with American muscle bulging just beneath the surface. Selling only 3,196 copies the very sight of one must have been a treat.
Comparing the '70 to other years there are several things that set it apart. It is the only post first generation Firebird with a high compression motor. It is the only second generation with the low seatbacks with separate head rest. It is the only Trans Am to come with dechromed Rally II wheels.

I purchased this feature car as my commuter and sadly had to part with it when my driving habits changed. It is a low option car with tinted windshield, AM pushbutton radio, rear seat speaker, and deluxe interior. The look of the more modern interior without a console is very unique.

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