1967 Firebird

This particular 1967 Firebird was built the 3rd week of June 1967 and delivered to Columbia Pontiac (now Columbia Toyota) in Dorchester Mass.

My wife and I are the 5th owners, purchasing it on December 5th, 1987. When it was purchased it was equipped with a '67 XH 400 (350hp Grand Prix) with '68 #16 heads and a '66 tripower. The car was a former drag car with the lettering "Six Pack to Go" painted on the sides, aftermarket traction bars and a roll bar.

Having spent the entire time in New England the car was in serious need of a full restoration. My intent was to make it into a driver but I ended up taking the entire car apart and detailing everything. The floors, quarters, outerwheelhouse openings and trunk extensions were replaced. The engine, tripower and transmission were rebuilt. All the exterior trim and and interior parts were replaced with NOS or aftermarket parts. Both bumpers were rechromed.

The car was finally completed on July 5th 1995.

  It was delivered as follows:

Charge To: Zone 01  Dealer 175
Invoice Date: 06/22/67

Sticker Price           $3302.17         
Invoice Amount          $2678.62        
E.O.H. Amount           $ 174.67
Destination Charge      $  73.50
Revenue Amount          $2380.55
Holdback                $  49.90

COLOR:  Regimental Red, Standard Black
WHEELS: 14x6 steel, black
ENGINE: "WC" 326 (250hp) 2 barrel, 9.2cr,
          manual transmission.  7164
          produced with this engine.
        Radio, Pushbutton-Man. Ant.,front
        Pedal Trim Pkg.
        Deluxe Wheel Discs
        Deluxe Steering Wheel
        Rally Stripes (similar to HO
        Power Steering
        Spare Tire-Conventional
        E70x14 White Stripe-Wide Oval
        4 Speed Manual Transmission-floor

|                                      |
|       54  06C                        |
| ST   67-22437       LOR23070  BODY   |
| TR   253-7              R-R   PAINT  |
|       2LG                            |
|      4Q   3H                         |

Current Specifications:
COLOR: 1989 Mitsubishi Bright Blue Metallic B/C #T87
       Black vinyl standard interior 
WHEELS:14x6 Pontiac Rally II w/ BF Goodrich Radial TA's P235 60 R14
       15x7 Pontiac Rally II w/ BF Goodrich Radial TA's P255 60 R15
       1967 Rally II "black" center caps
ENGINE:1967 "XH" 400 (350hp) block bored +.030, date code B237 (February
            23, 1967 '67 Grand Prix)
            Forged Pistons, polished crank, balanced assy,shotpeened block
       1968 Casting # 16 heads date code K307/K277 (October 30 & 27, 1967)
            2.11/1.77, 72cc
            ('68 400 4bc mt,auto / '68 428 375hp)
            new exhaust valves, new guides, 3 angle valve job, shotpeened heads
       1966 Tripower carb #'s F-7025178, C-7026075, R-7025179 (GTO w/MT)
       Intake # 9782898
       Waterneck # 9779073
       Robertshaw 160 degree thermostat
       Bellhousing # 9785581
       Oil pan # 481030
       Trans-dapt oil filter relocation kit, 48" hoses, custom elbows, heat
       Hedman Headers
       Custom dual exhaust with Hooker Competition mufflers
       Factory "S" (068) cam
       Carter Fuel Pump
       Melling high pressure oil pump #M54DS
       1967 Pontiac distributor # 1111243
       1967 Pontiac alternator # 110074 (35 amp) upgraded to 63 amp
TRANS: 1967 M20 (original), rebuilt using parts from Wade's Transmission, Waco
       Texas. Trans #P7H13 (Muncie,1967,June 13th), ID #7U153211
SUSPENSION: 5 leaf rear springs
            factory dual radius rods, polyurethane bushings
            Monroe Gas shocks, Front & Rear
            1967 Firebird front springs
            Polyurethane rear spring bushings
            1979 WS6 Steering box, 2.125 turns lock to lock

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