Emerald Turquoise Metallic 1967 2 + 2 (Canadian)

Introducing my 1967 Pontiac Parisienne 2+2, Sport Coupe. She was built on March 13, 1967 and shipped on the 16th of the same month to Birchwood Motors Ltd. in St. James, Manaitoba, Canada. Six days later I turned five years old. It was Canada's 100th birthday and also hosted the World's Fair that year. Expo '67 was bringing the world to Canada, by way of Montreal, when this baby was marketed as:

"a true thoroughbred, the Parisienne 2+2 is bred for action and born of spirit, the last word in full size adventure cars." Sales brochure, 1967 Pontiac Parisienne 2+2 Sports Coupe.

This 2+2 is number 41 of 3872 built for sale in Canada, and still looks pretty much like she did then. I purchased her from the daughter of the original owner in the spring of 1995 and have been tinkering with her ever since. Documentation by General Motors of Canada (Vintage Vehicle Services) in January of 1996 informed me that she was just the way she rolled off the line thirty years ago.
There's nothing delicate about this car. It's big and powerful and beautiful. The finest Pontiacs ever! The 1967 Pontiacs have quality, dependability, luxury, value and safety second to none of that era.

My 2+2 is equipped with the Asto-Flame 327cu.in./275 h.p. engine (74,000 original miles when I found her), Rochester four barrel carburator and a 3-speed automatic transmission (THM 400).
She is Emerald Turquoise Metallic with a black soft trim roof cover. The other ordered options that came with her are a tinted windshield, front and rear deluxe seatbelts, remote control left hand mirror, engine block heater (it gets cold in Canada), 14 inch highway whitewall tires and a push-button radio.

There have been a few minor setbacks in bringing her back to her original glory. The biggest obstacle, though, has been the statements I receive from most parts places in the USA that say "There's no such car" or "Sure a 2+2 - isn't a Mustang?" Sorry guys, she's a Pontiac, and here she is.

If anyone out there has one of these Canadian built 2+2's or would like to swap information on them, please give me a shout. Pete

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