Regimental Red 1967 GTO
Listen to this tiger's growl!

My GTO is a '67 hardtop, 400 4-bbl, rally I's, AM radio, Hurst 3-speed on the floor, manual steering, manual brakes and notchback bench seat. The delivering dealer was Snyder's Pontiac in the Atlanta zone. Dealer invoice is dated 6/12/67, dealer cost was $2608.20 and sticker price was $3201.26. This information supplied by Pontiac Historic Services from my VIN.

My wife calls it a muscle car because you have to have muscles just to drive it. A car that Bruce Bethel called "rare - but who cares! Not many made with 3-speed and bench seat so it's rare, but who wants a 60's muscle car without buckets and without a 4-speed". I did not do a body-off, show car restoration. This car is meant to be driven!
The thing I like most about this car is the attention it (we) get. Can't go anywhere without someone honking a horn, or giving a thumbs-up, or stopping to tell me a story about the guy he knew who had a GTO in high school and their wild ride.

Last week when school started here I drove out of the subdivision passed the kids waiting for the school bus when I heard "Awesome! and Cool car! and Mister, can I have a ride to school?" This from kids who will never know what it's like to drive a real car.

I attended the third annual B-O-P Southern Nationals today (Sept. 13) at the Atlanta Dragway. I wanted to do some 1/4 mile time trials and enter their car show. My average 1/4 mile ET for seven runs (had so much fun I had to do it again and again!) was 14.68 seconds at 96.3 MPH. The car was very consistent but the open 3.55 gears became my obvious weakness - no traction even with 275R60-15 rear tires when one wheel spins. A posi unit has been advanced to first in line on my wish list. 2.4 second average 60ft time. My goal for the future is 100MPH or higher in the 1/4 mile.

I was in Class "C" in the car show (63-67 A-body Buick-Olds-Pontiac) and was awarded 3rd place! One of the workers at the event said there were maybe 150 cars there. I didn't hear an exact count but it seemed to be a big turn-out.

I did not participate in the bracket racing (too busy trying to get cleaned up for the show), but it looked like a lot of fun and I will be sure to try that at next year's event.

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