This is my first time posting to a board, what should I know?

First and foremost don't type in ALL CAPS, on the internet that is seen as shouting and someone will say something about it, trust me. Before you post a topic search the archives for specific questions and read over the last couple of days of activity to get a feel for the board. Finally when you decide to post be courteous!

How do I see the questions?

From the Q & A index click on the Current Q & A link. At this point you may modify the search criteria by changing the information in the search option box. Click on the Q & A button.

What are the archives?

The various "archive" links are simply previous Current Q & A directories that are still searchable. To help keep the directory sizes managable new directories are created periodically. Only the Current Q & A will allow you to add a topic (question).

How do the search options work?

Use the radio button on the left side of the option box to indicate the type of search.

The "Display _______ activity" choice allows you to select those topics that have had postings within the number of days you specify.

The "Search Title" choice searches for a key word(s) entered in the text box that appear in the title of a topic.

"Search Text" operates exactly the same except the search is widened to include the complete text of a topic including responses.

"Display Topic Number:" allows you to locate a single topic by its number. Many times regulars at the site will refer to a particular topic number when responding to a topic.

"Show all topics with no responses" is a check box that does exactly what it says. It will list them in addition to those topics that match the criteria you have entered above.

I've got the list, what does all that stuff mean?


4497 '69 vs '70 Dashes... 3 11/2/98

The first number is a sequential number assigned to the topic. This is the number you can search for under the options. Next is the title assigned by the topic's author. After the title is the number of responses that have been posted. This is followed by the date of the last posting.

Click on the title to see the complete topic on the right side of the window. The "Search Options" link at the top of the list will return you to the search criteria window where you can enter a new search. The "Add Topic" link allows you to post your own question.

How do I add a question?

Once you've listed the questions you should see an "Add Topic" link on the top of the list. Click on it, fill out the form, and click on the Add Topic button.

I've added a question or response and it isn't displayed!

Not all browsers are set to refresh or reload a page every time it is clicked on. Check these settings-

If you use Netscape:

- Go to the Options menu and select Network Preferences
- Click on Cache
- Under Check Documents select Every Time

In Explorer to change the setting:

- Choose Options from the View menu
- Click on Advanced
- Click on Settings in the Temporary Internet Files section
- Click on Every Visit to the Page

How can I get my name to show up in color with a "bio" link?

You must use the "Site Logon" link on the home page. If you already use the Chat Room then you're all set. If not, fill out the form linked from the Site Logon page or the Chat Room index. Your password will be emailed to the address you supply.

Now you're ready to drive in the fast lane! Click on "Site Logon", enter your user name and password, click Logon, and then use the Q & A as normal. Your user name will be remembered and automatically entered where appropriate. If you bookmark the page that comes up after you click on Logon you don't have to remember that pesky password!

What do you mean by Advertising?

Advertising is not allowed in the Q & A. By advertising I mean posting a topic or response for the purpose of promoting YOUR OWN business. Obviously we welcome expert advice, and hope that if you are involved in a Pontiac business you are willing to share your knowledge on the board. Referrals are certainly welcome and encouraged. If you are answering a question it makes sense that a mention of your business might be appropriate. It's pretty clear when someone gets on the Q & A and posts a topic saying I have the greatest this or the best price on that or I do the best work that they are simply advertising and it doesn't belong here.

Why no classified ads in the Q & A?

Unlike many sites there is a special section at Classical Pontiac for posting cars and parts for sale and wanted, it's the Classifieds. To start while I try to archive topics as long as possible in the Q & A, ads are by definition only good for a short time and waste space once they expire. In addition there are countless features the Classifieds offer as they are organized expressly for the purpose of displaying ads. They are broken into the appropriate categories, they are searchable by year and state as well as key word, they allow image links, ads may be edited after the fact, ebay auction items are separated and linked, and the number of days an ad has been posted is displayed. Also I have enlisted volunteers to monitor the ads for accuracy and content. The Classifieds get as much or more activity than the Q & A, trust me your ad will be seen! The other issue that comes up is people wanting to share information on a car or part for sale that they've found. There is no difference in these cases, if you want to share it post it in the Classifieds.

My topic has disappeared, what happened?

Currently I remove entire topics when there is a blatantly destructive post made to it. The reasons are many, but the short answer is when I started doing that the number of destructive posts decreased as did my blood pressure. If the topic or one of the responses is not according to the guidelines posted in red on the Q & A index it may have been removed as well (see Advertising and Classifieds above). If you have a question about the removal of a topic contact me privately and I will discuss it with you. If you've made a blatantly destructive post you'll know it and not need to bother asking me, otherwise there has probably not been any other action taken.