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1942-1948 Pontiacs
42-2607.jpg (57912 bytes)   1942 Pontiac Model 2607 6 cyl. Sedan Coupe 

Pontiac halted auto production Feb.10,1942. Until that time a total of 83,555 1942's were produced.  

This picture was taken at the Pontiac Oakland Club National Meet in Irvine CA. in 1993. This car was sold shortly after that. I heard the new owner was in the club but I did not hear his name. Any leads?

46-Stawag.JPG (47446 bytes)
1946 Streamliner 8 cyl. Station Wagon
In 1946 Pontiac produced:

26,636 Torpedo Sixes 18,273 Torpedo Eights 43,430 Streamliner Sixes 49,301 Streamliner Eights 

This Wagon was restored by POCI club member Don Reed of Nipomo CA.  Don also belongs to the National Woodie Club. This picture was taken at the annual Woodie meet called "Wavecrest" where over 200 Wooden bodied wagons show up in Encinitas CA on the last Saturday in September.

47-2807.jpg (47411 bytes)
1947 Pontiac Model 2607 6cyl. Sedan Coupe
In 1947 Pontiac produced:

67,125 Torpedo Sixes 34,815 Torpedo Eight 42,336 Streamliner Sixes 86,324 Streamliner Eights 

This one is owned by John Hathaway. I met John at a show called "Chiefs in Chino". He lives in Orange County CA.

48-Stawag.JPG (57923 bytes)
1948 Pontiac Streamliner Station Wagon
Production for 1948 was:

49,262 Torpedo Sixes 35,360 Torpedo Eights 37,742 Streamliner Sixes 123,115 Streamliner Eights 
This was the first year that the Hydramatic transmission was offered. 73% of all buyers took Pontiac up on the $185 option. 

I took this photo at the Wavecrest show in 1989. I believe this car was sold to a buyer in Europe soon after that. I saw in the POCI roster a member from Sweden with a 48 woodie.  Could this be the same one?

Model Numbers for 1942-48 Pontiacs
(see exceptions and additions below)
              Torpedos - 119 in. wheelbase         Six cyl.       Eight cyl.
Business Coupe
Sport Coupe
Sedan Coupe
Convertible Coupe 2567 2767
Two-Door Sedan 2511 2711
Four-Door Sedan 2519 2719
Streamliners - 122 in. wheelbase
Six cyl.
Eight cyl.
Coupe 2607 2807
Four-Door Sedan 2609 2809
Station Wagon Stawag Stawag
The above chart is correct for 1946 and 1947.     The exceptions for 42 and 48 are as follows:

1942- Offered a four door-four window model - 25 and 2769.  Also the Streamliners were offered in Streamliner Chieftan models. They were designated by the letter "D" after the model numbers. 26 or 28 series only. 

1948- A deluxe line was added and also designated by the letter "D"after the model number. It was offered on all models except the Business Coupe and the 2-door Sedan. The deluxe models are most easily recognized by the chrome spears on the front fenders and fender extensions.

This page was written by Don Hinsberger. My 42-48 Pontiac Registry is finally online! Follow the link below for more info. Thanks to Rich at Classical Pontiac for his help and inspiration.

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