What started all this Pontiac internet craziness? Read on...
I was born in 1964. Old enough that I could remember musclecars when they were new; however, I only have a vague recollection of a red Firebird convertible when my parents bought their '69 Catalina. I do remember new Can Ams, but that is about it. My parents became Pontiac owners with a '62 Catalina station wagon. The '69 followed with a '76 Bonneville as their last Pontiac.
My Pontiac experience started with my first car in 1983: a '69 Firebird. I was looking for an older Firebird or Camaro, and I happened to find a Firebird first. I had no idea what to look for, I basically knew nothing about cars. It was a 350 2bbl with an automatic. Its real purpose in life was to get me interested in the whole Pontiac mystique (which it obviously did).
After reading several books I decided the car to have was a GTO. I found a two owner '67 GTO that needed work but was a nice car. After more research, I decided the ultimate GTO was the Judge. By this time I knew what I would be happy with and purchased my "keeper": the Carousel Red '69 Judge in the former feature section.
Meanwhile, my "driver" was an '86 Grand Am. In a moment of weakness I traded for an '86 944. Nice car, but I wanted a V8 all the time, not just when I took the Judge for a ride. This resulted in my second Firebird, an '89 GTA.
The GTA was a very nice car, but I missed shifting. Enter the fourth generation Firebirds. Against my better judgement, I went into debt again to buy a '94 Trans Am GT.
I enjoyed the car immensely, but needed to lower those payments. I went full circle with a return to a nice old Firebird (no Camaro this time). I knew exactly what I wanted: a white '70 Trans Am with blue custom interior, a 4 speed, and no A/C. After a short amount of searching, I found exactly what I was looking for.
A year and a half later it became obvious that the '70 wasn't going to work as my commuter. When I saw the first photos of the '98 Trans Am (which was nice but to me had lost some of the clean lines of the previous 'bird) I decided I would buy my ultimate new car: a '97 WS6 Trans Am. I thought the styling with the Ram Air hood and 17" wheels was just right.
Five years down the road I still very much enjoyed my '97 Trans Am, but the urge to own one of the last, and arguably the best, Trans Ams was too much for me to resist. In July of 2002 a bright red '02 WS6 Trans Am became the last in the string of Pontiacs to find its way into my garage. Unfortunately it made way for a new house, but The Judge is in a much nicer home.
2002 Trans Am Now the problem is that I need to avoid all Pontiac temptation, new and used! I've always liked '68 GTO convertibles, and the '69 Trans Am is certainly a milestone, and the '62 Grand Prix has such great style, of course an early 400 'Bird would be a great catch, any fullsize Pontiac with a four speed would make the perfect cruiser, then there's the new GTO and the Solstice...

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