1997 Ducati 916 Strada

With a sick feeling in my stomach and an itchy throttle hand I took delivery of my dream bike in July '97. I've been involved with motorcycles since I was very young and had grown up learning about the Ducati mystique from my parent's partner in the family motorcycle parts business. He had ridden, raced, repaired, and worshipped the Italian twin for years.

In the early '90s Ducati released the 916, the latest in a line of storied superbikes, and set the standard by which all sporting motorcycles are judged. Since that time I, along with the other Carl Fogarty wannabees, have admired the lines and performance of the two-wheeled Ferrari.
By some fluke of nature my local dealer (one of three in Missouri) had a 916 on the floor. "We normally get two a year and they're presold" Doug said "but somehow we ended up with this bike." I was doomed from the start. After much soul searching and visions of the domestic, responsible family man I was becoming, I made perhaps my most frivolous decision ever and offered up a deposit. One short thunderous ride later the Ducati had gone way up on the list of "keep at all costs" belongings of mine.

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