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I have been driving, racing, and restoring Pontiacs since owning my first car, a 66 GTO post. This is a picture of my current daily driver 64 GTO. I plan to have more pictures soon. The car was a basketcase and the frame and one quarter have been replaced completely due to rust. She's getting straighter every weekend. ***THIS CAR WAS SOLD*** I just sold her and she is for sale again on Ebay. This car still has the original 389 and M20 trans. It was a low option car. PHS docs show she was ordered as follows: WW, Nocturne blue with blue interior 4-barrel, 4-speed, 3.23 posi, rear defogger, two speed wipers, lamp package, Seat belt delete. I found the car in CT via an Internet ad. She has 66,600 miles on her. It was actually in a barn, covered with wood shavings and dust. I'm still cleaning out sawdust from the car. The 389 was warmed up with a cam, headers, dual points, and intake. Photos taken while in process of some windshield channel sheetmetal work.

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