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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dan Murzyn, my email is "" I have been reading Rich's site and following the great stuff I've seen going on here for atleast a year. I decided I had "bird-dogged" long enough an decided to become an honest member. My "project" began back in '79, when I bought the now red, but then "Pea soup green" ( sea mist green?) GTO you see now. I was 19 and working in the steelmill. I had wanted one of the 71's since I was 11 years old and fell in love with one I saw on a showroom floor when we were looking for a new car. I must have driven my father nuts, because he finally told me to leave him and the salesman alone(in no uncertain terms!), He said, and I quote, " When you turn 18, you can buy one of those, but for now, leave me alone!". Little did he know.......some 8 years later, after stashing away my first few paychecks, I had begun my search.

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