After looking through all the local papers, I had driven a few hundred miles and saw some real sad looking GTO's. The midwest is not known for it's great old cars, thanks to savage winters, tons of road salt and 900midity. I had almost given up when my buddy called to tell me of a GTO for sale in the local paper. I was set for another dissapointment, but said,"what the heck" and we went for a ride. I was pleased to find a rather clean, rust free GTO sitting in the apartment complex lot.....a New Jersey plate, here in Illinois. I had a good chunk of cash to spend, and had no real idea of what the guy would want. As I recall,he just graduated college, he was in need of a job, and in worse need of benefit!. I took it for a short ride, it was tight, hardly any rust at all, and besides a few grocery cart dents an such, it was really straight. I asked him, his price, he said ," I gotta have $750 ".........I played my very best poker face,,,,,pealed off $750 from the wad I had in my pocket, we traded green for title, and I've never regretted it for a second!!

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