Well, the years soon began to fly by....I got married, had 2 kids, bought a house, then a bigger house, had child #3......but I never gave up on the dream of finishing that car....... It sat under blankets for years, didn't see the light of day for over a decade, but I would make lists every so often, and try to do something, anything...just to keep the desire to see it on the road again. I actually did more in those first few months than I would do in the next 10 years...I pulled the engine an trans, Ripped the sheet metal and bumpers off, actually got the drive train back in too. It was soon after that, I got married.......need I say more? But, as the title of my Member page says," I never gave up.." And today I have atleast returned my car to a condition I am proud of, of course there are many things I would still like to do to it, and re-do some things, but for now....I am glad to share it with all my fellow Pontiac enthusiasts! I just returned from the GTOAA Nats' in Red Wing MN., I didn't take my GTO, but maybe, just maybe one day it will make it to a car show!

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