After saving up...

a few more bucks, in September, the 406 was removed and the final engine upgrades were performed. I added a Crane 068 cam, repro long branch manifolds, 2.5" exhaust to a Dr. Gas X Pipe, through a pair of DynaFlow Super Turbos and 2.5" tailpipes. At this time, I also added a PAE Switch Pitch conversion to the TH400 coupled to a 1100/3000 stall torque converter. I also took the time to replace the coil springs. All of these mods, along with Cliff's Q-Jet magic and Bob's (sun tuned) exceptional distributor work, have made this GP an awesome cruiser!

My plans aren't quite done. I'm going to add a PowerTrax No Slip the spring/summer of 2003. A complete engine compartment detailing is also planned. I don't think this work will be done by CP Meet III, but I'm gonna give it my best shot!

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