2 years of searching on the internet, every night.... finally paid off! 14 Hours of driving to Tenn. and I laid eyes on this Rare colored 4 Speed, 400 HO, All Original Survivor. Original owner ordered it on Oct 66, and waited 3 months for it, because she ordered it a NON-Pontiac color... Buick Riveria Charcoal Gray. Took delivery the end of Dec. 66, and sold it in 1985 at Carisle Pa. with 99,000 miles on it. It went through 3 other owners, until I bought it in 2001 with 105,000 miles. Interior is original and still perfect. Typical oil leaks, and its gonna need a paint job to mesh all the partial paint jobs it had. It looks like the only original paint on the car is really the front fenders, all other areas have had at least one fresh coat. Trunk was restored by previous owner.

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