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7/22/00. Just an update. The removal of the surface rust is about complete. But has been a REAL PAIN!! I did put the job off for about a 4 months, but have finally got around to it. Luckily I have stripped enough cars to know what works and what does not. After seeing that paint stripper alone was not going to be any help on the rust (sometimes it is), I ordered up 2 gallons of OxiSolv rust remover from Eastwoods Co.. I used this same stuff to remove surface rust from all the exterior sheet metal of this car with excellent results. By silmply soaking some cloths in this stuff and then draping them over the problem areas and letting it sit for several hours (or overnite in some cases) then rewetting the area with the OxiSolv and scrubbing/scrubbing/scrubbing the area(s) with coarse steel wool, a nice clean area can be obtained. It takes some time, but it will work. Just don't let the stuff sit too long as this stuff is strong enough that it will eat right through the metal if left for too long.

2/15/00. The NOS hood mentioned below showed up today and looks pretty nice. It has a little surface rust from sitting around for many, many years in Houston, Texas, but should clean up nice. It even still has the original part number in yellow chalk across the front of the hood. COOL OR WHAT?!!

EVEN MORE EXELLENT NEWS TO REPORT!! I have been looking for over a year now for a different hood to put on my GTO due to a dent I was not able to fix as well as I'd like for this type of restoration. I have chased many dead end leads and have not turned up much...... till the other day that is. Then I found the Grand Daddy of all '64 GTO hoods. I located a NOS '64 GTO hood (Yes NOS, maybe the only one anywhere!) from a guy who used to own a Pontiac dealership and also owns a '64 GTO convertible. Seems he has had this hood for 20+ years just waiting the day he may need it for his car. He recently came to the conclusion that he was never going to use it and decided to send it down the road. And the good news is, that road lead to my front door. So once it arrives I will have a '64 GTO hood for sale if any one needs one. It really is a nice hood, almost ready for paint. It just isn't as nice as I wanted for my frame off restoration. If you are interested, e-mail me at kennyg@trilobyte.net

EXCELLENT NEWS TO REPORT!!! Yesterday (10/17/99) I was able to be the winning bidder on the ebay auction site for three Hurst wheel trim rings. Now I know when the car goes on the road, the Hurst wheels will be attached. WOO HOO!!

(9/18/99)Here are a few pictures (ABOVE) of the "64 GTO hardtop I have been doing a frame off restoration on for what seems like forever. Progress went well for the first year and a half, but work has kept me sooooooo busy lately that I just never seem to have the time to work on it. The car is an original Sunfire red car and should be again when it is finished (assuming I don't change my mind between now and then). About 95 percent of the body work is done and just needs final prep. Then I will be painting the interior it's original white and burgundy colors. Then shoot all the jambs and it should be ready to paint the exterior. I also have a set of Hurst wheels for the car that I'd really like to put on when it's finished, but I need 3 trim rings for them. If any one has any leads on trim rings for these wheels, or if any one is interested in helping me locate a manufacturer to make them, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! If not, I guess I'll just put on the spinner caps. With any luck (yeah, right!) I will get some serious work done on this car this coming winter.

(BELOW) Here is a picture of myself and a good friend of mine, John Kekacs, while attending the a weekend race in California about two years ago (I'm the taller one). The owner of this car believes this '94 25 Ann. T/A was built for only one thing...to drive fast. He even has ran the car twice at the Bonneville Salt Flats (about 90 miles from where I live). Here is a quote from him "The race is very simple. Starting from a dead stop and going through the 1 mile traps better than 130mph but no faster than 139mph. Sounds so easy! - Salt has 17 0.000000e+00ss traction than pavement - wide tires create rolling resistance. The secret... inflate tires to 50psi. I ran two passes 133.4mph & 134.6 9 (the first time I ran it at Bonneville) . I have drag raced this car best ET 14.35 mph 97.0." The BEAUTIFUL '70 GTO on the right belongs to another good friend of mine, Brian Ray (now living in Arkansas).

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