1969 Trans Am Fact & Fiction Page (continued)

Alternator codes:
(This code will stamped into the body of the alternator rear half)
RA III, IV, 42 Amp (standard): 1100832
RA III, IV, 63 Amp (optional) 1100830, 1100854

Transmission Codes:
(The code for manual transmissions was stenciled on the top, center of the case in 3" yellow letters (many times these have long since fade or worn off. Auto transmissions have a aluminum tag riveted to the passenger side of the case, this tag will be stamped with the trans code)
RA III, 3 spd manual trans (M13): DB
RA III, 4 speed manual trans (M20): FF
RA III, 4 speed manual trans (M21,close ratio): FX
RA III, Auto trans(M40): PQ
RA IV, 4 speed trans (M21, close ratio): FX
RA IV, Auto trans (M40): PQ

Rear differential Codes:
(this code will be stamped into the divers side axle tube)
NOTE 1.: Safe-T-Track was standard on Trans Am. Note 2.: See below in the UNSURE section for more information about T/A differentials.
3.55:1 (standard): ZH
3.90:1 (optional): ZK
4.33:1 (optional): ZM

Trans Am Specific parts, part numbers:
Trans Am Hood: 546014
Trans Am Hood Scoop Inserts: Right: 546252 Left: 546253
Fenders: Right: 546680 Left: 546681 (note, the T/A fender while similar to the base Firebird fender, carries a different part number. The T/A fender has holes stamped behind where the air extractors mount)
Fender Hot Air Extractors: Left: 546252 Right: 546253
Decal, "TRANS AM" for front fenders: 546290 (note, this is the same decal used from '69-'72 fenders)
Rear Spoiler: 9794877
Decal, "TRANS AM" for rear spoiler, 546289 (note, this is the same decal used on from '69-'72)
Grills: Right: 546169 Left: 546170 (note, while the grills are the same as the base Firebird, the crate areas on a Trans Am are painted black, thus a different part number)

FACT: Interiors could be ordered in any color available in the regular Firebird line-up on a '69 Trans Am. Blue was by far the most common color, though you also do occasionaly see white or black. There was at least one Trans Am that came with red interior, one with green and one with gold leather (an option on the '69 Firebird line).

FACT: The trunk lid on a '69 Trans Am should (I say should, as worn out rods may affect this) "pop" up into the semi-open position when the trunk lock key is turned. A Firebird that has just had a T/A rear spoiler added will just "click" when the key is turned. The lid should also easily stay in the fully opened position when opened all the way. I am unsure if the factory added larger torsion bars to achieve this or if they are just adjusted differently.

FACT: I am always looking to buy NOS parts that will fit my '69 Trans Am. If you have any for sale, e-mail me with information and prices on them.

FACT: More information will be posted as more information comes to mind.

UNSURE: While many people and books state that some '69 Trans Ams came with the stripes over the top of the rear spoiler, I question if this is true. While the press photo clearly shows them over the top of the rear spoiler, you might also notice that the license plate is still using the words "TRANS AM" in red (making that a very early or pre-production car). This is the only '69 T/A that I know of that actually had the stripes over the spoiler at the factory. Now I too have seen many in magazines and book with them over the spoiler, but I believe it is also possible these were added above because the owner liked them that way and added them during restoration. All of the unrestored cars I have ever seen pictures of have NOT had stripes across the spoiler. Now I am not saying this is not possible, but I have not seen evidence to support all the claims they could come either way, so I feel compelled to let the world know it may not be true. So... if you have pictures of a unrestored '69 Trans Am production car with stripes over the spoiler, I'd love to see them so we can set the record straight. NOTE: I have received the following information via email 12/21/01: ....... My Grandfather worked in the Van Nuys Plant during the sixties and early seventies. He informed me that No ‘69 Trans Ams were painted at that plant with the blue stripes over the spoiler. I also have original pictures of my Norwood built car (date of build is 7/28/69) from the late 70’s and it also does not have stripes painted over the top of the spoiler. Hope this helps to solve that problem. (Info provided by Eric, FASTASSBIRD@HOTMAIL.COM )........ !!!UPDATE!!! As of 5/15/02 I have uncovered some information that helps support my claim that the '69 T/As did not come with stripes over the spoiler. I have recently been sent a copy of a few pages from an original 1969 Firebird assembly manual showing how to place the stripes on a '69 TA. These diagrams clearly do not show how to paint over the spoiler but do tell that the pedastals shall be painted blue. The page is also dated before the TA went into production, which to me provides even more evidence that the regular production '69 TA's never left the factory with stripes over the spiler and this is just more rumors that have been passed from year to year. If you'd like a copy of this file, feel free to email me and I'll send you one (I hope to have this info posted here for all to see soon)

UNSURE: One thing I have noticed about '69 T/As is that many of them seem to have RAM AIR decals on the leading side edge of the long scoops and many do not. In the original print ads for the T/A they showed Red RAM AIR decals placed toward the rear sides of the long scoops, but they were never actually produced this way. However, I am starting to question if T/A even came with the RA decals. Researching this, I have noticed that EVERY UNrestored '69 T/A I have seen, DOES NOT have the RA decals (including my own T/A). I see many T/As that have RA decals on the hood, but I am starting to think this may just be a trend that people are doing that is incorrct. And I can see why they would. The original dealership flyer states the car will have RAM AIR Decals (even though it says they will be red) and the GTO and Base Firebirds with Ram Air had these decals, so why leave out the T/A. Well, again, I am left with a T/A question I do not really have a positive answer to. So, if you have an UNRESTORED '69 T/A that DOES have the decals, and you believe them to be original, please let me know.

:UNSURE NOTE: I have moved this to the unsure category as it seem the jury is still out on the true answer to this question. The 3:55 Safe-T-Track was the standard rear end ratio offered in the ‘69 T/A. Lower ratios could be optioned at an additional cost. I have seen reference many times that the ‘69 T/As came with a 12 bolt rear end. I had always believed the 10 bolt to be the only rear end for the T/A but it seems it might be possible that the build date could have something to do with it. I am not saying a 12 bolt was possible, but I am saying it is at this time unconfirmed that a 10 bolt was the only possibility in a '69 T/A. If I find out the true story, I'll post it the minute I know.

If you have any comments you'd like to see added to this page, please e-mail me.

MISC.: Probably one of the most common questions I see asked on the Internet or am asked myself is "Where can I pick up a '69 T/A hood"? About the only answer I can give you is to try various sources such as Hemming’s Motor News, The classifieds on this site, Classical Pontiac, or Ebay. I have seen a few of them for sale over the years and everyone I have ever seen has been a spendy item. If you can locate a used steel hood, I would expect to pay no less than $7500 for the hood itself (and that price would be a pretty good deal). If it has the RA pans with it, expect to pay about $1500-$2500 more than that amount. I once saw an NOS hood for sale about the year 2000 in Hemming’s Motor News with an asking price of $3500 (hood only, no RA pans). At the time that was way too much, now it would be a steal! I have talked with people who have personaly bought a T/A hood for over $8000 and I myself sold a T/A hood for $8000 (just for the T/A hood, no pans). I have also seen two T/A hoods on ebay now (as of 2/06) that have been bid over $10,000 (actually one was just over $11,000) and both did not meet the reserve. I would also like to point out for those wanting to add a '69 T/A hood to a '67 or '68 Firebird that YES, the hood will fit fine. See page 1 of my members site if you need proof.

There are a few different companies out there selling reproductions of the T/A hood in fiberglass. While I have never seen a fiberglass T/A hood myself, I have talked to a few people who have. I have been told there are different qualities of them. Some have scoops that have an indentation making them appear to be removable (or easily cut out to be removable), while others do not have this provision at all. I also understand there are various differences in the underside of the hoods. Some appearing to be more finished than others. Most common with Fiberglass hoods is to have the top finished with gelcoat and usually the underside not finished. Gelcoat is what is applied over the top of the fiberglass cloth giving it that ultra smooth look. I have talked to one person though that said his hood fiberglass T/A hood was gelcoated on the underside as well. There is also a few companies out there now that are making fiberglass hoods using an original steel underside bracing. These allow you to be able to use your original hood hinge springs and do not require hood pins. I'd recommend this style hood to anyone wanting to add a T/A hod to their Firebird.

One thing to keep in mind when buying a part as large as a hood is the shipping can really change the final amount you will have to pay for your new hood. So keep this in mind when shopping. Remember that even though you may be able to get a hood cheaper from a supplier that is all the way across country, it may not be the best deal for you if you end up paying twice the shipping costs. If you do happen to located a used steel hood and need to have it shipped to you, I highly recommend an air shipping company called Forward Air. If you have one located near you and the shipper, this is by far the cheapest way I have found to ship a large item. As an example, I once shipped a crate measuring about 5' x 3' x 2' that weighed 520 lbs. I shipped this crate from Salt Lake City to Chicago for about $90.00 (yes, ninety). THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO VISIT MY PAGE! COME BACK SOON TO VIEW UPDATES.

Future plans for this page include:

Posting detailed stripe measurements from my ‘69 T/A so you can reproduce them in the correct place on your car.
UPDATE 7/07/05: I have now posted on-line, pictures of exact stripe meaurments from my previously owned, mostly original paint, '69 Trans Am. You can view these photos HERE
5/13/02, NOTICE!!!! I have recently aquired a factory set of blue prints from an assembly manual that gives EXACT measurments for masking the 1969 T/A stripes. At this time I do not have them scanned to post here, but would be happy to email, snail mail or fax them to you. If you would like these, just email me.

History on the '69 Trans Am. Outlining information such as how the '69 T/A was (or was not) involved in the Trans Am race series.

Creating a On-Line '69 Trans Am registry (this page will provide a link to that page)****** UPDATE: A 1969 Trans Am Registry has been started by another person. They have done an excellent job of setting this site up and I highly recommend that you visit the site and register your '69 Trans Am if you own a real one. You can directly jump to the '69 Trans Am Registry Site by clicking HERE

DISCLAIMER: So what makes me the "expert" that can claim what is fact and fiction about '69 Trans Ams? Well the truth is, I am not an expert. But since I have owned my Trans Am (since he Fall of 1991) I have spent countless hours reading everything I can lay my hands on discussing the '69 T/A, talked to numerous owners of '69 T/As, and compared all of the info I can. It is easy to rule out some things, but some things take much more research (finding the stripe color code and name was one of those things). Also, much of what is posted here is listed in several other places, but I am bringing this info all together and in one place. Plus more than a few times I have seen information transposed thus providing false information. While I admit I do call this page a "Facts and Fiction" page, I can not 100 0uarantee all of the info posted here. However, if you do have concerns that something I have posted is inaccurate, please email me and I will get it straightened out. If you see something you’d just like to discuss more, also feel free to email me (a link to my email address is at the bottom of this page).


Again, thanks for your interest in my page. Kenny

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